Let us tell you how to fix: PFN list corrupt BSOD on windows in several easy methods. The blue screen error usually occurs when you have a corrupt driver. Some of the windows 7 and 10 users said they had shut down the computer after having the bluescreen error.Fix: PFN list Corrupt BSOD on Windows [Complete Guide]

However, the cause of the blue screen will vary from one computer to another. You will have the most convenient way to fix the fatal errors from our guide. The PFN error is the page frame number error related to the hard drive or physical disk.

According to our research, the cause of PFN list error can occur due to PFN corruption. You have to check the descriptor list and check the device drivers as well.

In most cases, the BSoD is occurring because you are using third-party applications or corrupt drivers.


The causes of PFN error could be the following:

  • Issues in the RAM
  • Corrupt hard drive
  • Malware or any other virus issue
  • Windows registry could be corrupt
  • Damaged or corrupt system
  • Outdated files or configuration of the device are not right.

The error could damage the data in your computer. You can save the important files somewhere else before fixing the issues on your computer. Also, you can skip the option of complete backup if you have not saved the files on your Windows 7 or 10.

How to Fix: PFN list Corrupt BSOD on Windows 7 and 10

You can prevent the various issues of your PC by using the restoro repair tool. You have to repair the issues from your computer, but you can save time with the repair tool, and it will take less effort.

As well, you have to choose the malware option and prevent hardware failure. You can even capitalize on the performance of your PC with the restoro repair tool. You can download the restoro repair tool by the following commands:

  1. Download the restoro repair pc tool and click on the option of start scan now.
  2. The windows will show if there is an issue on the PC.
  3. Now you’ve to choose the option of repairing all for fixing the issues affecting your computer’s security and performance.

Do you there are more than 6 lac people who have downloaded the restoro repair tool. Moreover, you will be preventing the screen death issue after restarting the computer. There are chances that the error can occur on Windows 10 due to the above-mentioned causes or some other cause as well.

Well, now let’s start with how you can fix the bluescreen issue on windows 10.

Solution 1 – Update The Drivers And Windows 10

You have to update the drivers and windows 10 to prevent a Blue screen issue. You have to prevent the bug fixes by updating the drivers. It is crucial to update the windows 10 drivers. Now you have to download the latest driver for removing the PFN list to prevent the corrupt error.

Other than that, you will have improved stability and better features after downloading the new software. If you have not turned on the automatic downloading option, you frequently update the drivers manually.

You don’t only have to update the drivers but update windows ten as well. You have to choose the right operating system for your current version of windows. Moreover, windows 10 have the latest features, and you have to select the drivers who are not having the old hardware.

There are some in your computer because of the old drivers. You have to update the driver and windows as well to prevent bug issues. Furthermore, you might have to install the drivers again to fix the issues on your computer.

Solution 2 – Run The Troubleshooting From The BSOD

  1. You have to open the application of settings and then choose the update and security settings from that section.
  2. Also, troubleshoot from the main menu on the left pane.
  3. Click on the BSOD option and press on the option of run by troubleshooting it.
  4. Now you have to continue following the options on the screen for completing the process of troubleshooter.

The windows ten troubleshooting tool will be found in the settings options, and you can easily resolve the PFN List corrupt error from here.

Solution 3 – Run The SFC Scan

  1. You have to right-click on the menu from the start button and open the command prompt with admin access.
  2. You have to enter the command now SFC/ scannow
  3. Now you have to wait till how the process is completed.
  4. Plus, you have to wait until the whole solution is completely updated in the system.
  5. Also, choose the option of command prompt and restart the computer.
  6. You have to wait until the whole process is completed.
  7. Click on the automatic updating options and press apply now to save the settings.
  8. Choose the options of the command prompt, and now you have to shut down the computer.
  9. Turn the device on again to check if the blue screen error is gone or not.

Solution 4 – Run DISM

·         Standard Way To Run DISM

For running the DISM, you have to right-click on the start menu, and now press on the options of command prompts. Also, you have to paste the following command below. Now enter the DISM/Online/ cleanup-image/ now choose the restore health option.

You have to wait until the whole process is ended, and you have to restart the laptop.

·         With The Windows Installation Media Option

You have to insert the windows installation media option, and now you have to right-click and choose the option of command prompt. Now you have to enter the following commands.

  • Dism/online/ cleanup-image/ scanhealth
  • Dism/ online/ cleanup-image/ restore health

Click on the option of X value and now press on the mounted drive for installation of Windows 10.

Also, check if the whole procedure is ended or not. You have to restart the device now. You have to see the third-party troubleshooting for preventing the BSoD. Choose the deployment image servicing and management for resolving the bluescreen error.

Press on the option of applying now and then check if the PFN list of corrupt errors is gone or not.

Solution 5 – Check The Hard Drive

  1. You have to click on the advanced startup system and press the restart option on your computer.
  2. Click on the troubleshoot advanced options. Also, choose the command prompt settings from the list.
  3. Now you have to press on the command prompt for choosing the options from your list.
  4. Press on the options of prompt and now enter the following commands.
  • exe / rebuildbcd
  • exe / fixmbr
  • exe / fixboot

Some of the users said that you have to choose the additional commands as well. Choose the chkdsk and perform the partitions from the hard drive third-party applications. You have to click on the following commands for choosing the letters from partitions of your hard drive from the computer.

  1. You have to enter all the letters from your drive and click on the driver partitions, which are the following:
  • Chkdsk / RC:
  • Chkdsk / rd:

Now you have to reboot the system and check if all the issues are gone or not.

Do you know it is important to check from the chksd to know if your computer’s hard drive is working correctly? You have to add the basic scanning commands for your hard drive so you can potentially remove all the problems.

Solution 6 – Disable The Microsoft Onedrive Or Use Registry Driver

You have to choose the local computer policy panel and press on the option of windows and S keys. Choose the policy of the edit group. Now you have to choose the left pane for navigating towards the approach of the computer and choose the configuration options.

Click on the options of administrative templates and then press on the windows components. As well, click on the one drive now. Press on the preventive usage of one drive and double click on that option. Plus, you have to choose the enable option and apply the changes now for allowing the OneDrive option.

For Registry Editor

  1. Press on Windows and R’s option and now click on the OK option for starting the editors’ registry.
  2. The registry editor starts working when you are navigating from the left pane. As well, choose the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREPOLICIESMICROSOFTWINDOWS.
  3. Press on the windows key from the keyboard, and now you have to find the key of one drive. If the one drive key is not open, you have to move on to the first option.
  4. Now choose the option of one drive and click on the right pane. You have to press on the new DWORD and click on 32-bit value now. You have to enter the code in the name of DWORD: disablefilesyncNGSC.
  5. Now you have to disablefilesyncNGSC by double-clicking on that option. Also, press on the value data 1 and save the changes now.

Solution 7 – Use Safe Mode

You can use the safe mode for fixing the issue. For instance, you have to restart the device a few times and choose the automatic repairing process. Also, you have the troubleshooting by going on the advanced settings. You’ve to click on the startup settings and then restart the computer.

On the other hand, you will have a whole list from your computer and on the F5 option. You have to press on the safe mode now. After the safe mode is enabled, you have to disable the one drive. Choose the windows essentials, and then you have to choose cloud storage. Now select the default application on windows 10.

Besides, you have to choose one to drive great tools for collaborating with others. You have to choose the one drive software for removing the PFN corrupt file list.

Solution 8 – Uninstall The Software Which Is Causing Problems

You have to uninstall the software completely, which is causing the problems. For uninstalling the software, you have to press on the windows and X keys from the device manager. Now you have to open the device manager and then choose your driver’s location where you saved it before.

Also, check if the driver is removed or not. If the driver is deleted, you can press the OK button. Now you can restart the computer.

Some of the users even said that you would have the BSOD error due to the etron driver. In fact, you have to dig deep to find out the right cause of the BSOD error. The error is not always due to the drivers and antivirus software. You have to research the right cause of the error for solving it. The antivirus software will cause the applications not to run sometimes. Some users reported that after uninstalling the Philips incenter offline server, the issue was wholly solved.

Is It Possible To Remove The Software For Preventing The BSOD Error?

You can remove any software that you have recently added to your computer if the BSOD error occurs right after the installation of the new software, then it is the cause.

Other than that, some of the users said that error was occurring due to the antivirus software restrictions. Therefore, you must ensure there is not 3rd party antivirus software. Furthermore, choose the dedicated uninstaller for removing the issue of BSOD from your device.

You have to choose the antivirus dedicated tools for removing the error. Also, you have to download the latest version of the antivirus or change the antivirus software from your computer to solve the error.

Additionally, you have to choose the PFN to list corrupt and then choose the reported issue for fixing it from the etron driver.

Solution 9 – Check The Hardware

You can check the hardware of your computer to remove the PFN corrupt list BSOD error. You will have faulty hardware due to which you are facing the error. Also, you have to check the RAM and its space. Also, check if the RAM is functioning properly or not.

In addition, you have to download the MemTest86+, and it will be running for a few hours. You have to replace the RAM for a few hours and check when the issue is solved or not.

Apart from that, you can check if all the components of your motherboard are working properly or not. Plus, you have to check the graphics card and other drivers of the computer, so the BSOD error doesn’t occur again.

Solution 10 – Update The Drivers Automatically

You have to update the drivers automatically to save your time. You will have a tool that will let you download the drivers automatically. Furthermore, you have to choose the automatic driver updater for solving the issues of BSOD.

You have to choose the automatic driver updating system to remove your drivers’ hassle from manually updating them. Also, you have to keep the devices updated to have the latest features and no bug issues.

Moreover, you have to keep your system updated by driver fix. You are choosing the easiest solution for updating the drivers by the driverfixer. You will have advanced technology, and it will provide professional features for maintaining the computer in the right shape.

On the other side, you have to choose the application for downloading the updates correctly. Plus, you have to download the manager function and check the process for fixing the errors correctly. After downloading the driver fix, you don’t have to hassle with the updating errors.

Do you know most of the bug errors on the windows occur if you have outdated drivers? You have to remove the incompatible drivers from your computer. Also, choose a system that is completely up to date. Plus, you have to click on the problem types which are causing the BSOD issue.

With the automatic updating tool, you can solve problems easily. You will have to download the driver fix application. Plus, you have to lead to lagging the system and choose the latest version for downloading the software.

We recommend choosing the driver who is having the automatic installation of the drivers. Follow these steps to download the driver fix application on your computer.


  1. Click on the download and install the driver fix.
  2. Now launch the application of driverfix.
  3. Wait until the driver fix application is installed and you don’t have any faulty drivers left in the computer.
  4. Choose the driverfix and press on the options of fixing the faulty drivers from your computer.
  5. Now you have to wait until the driver fix is downloaded to the device, and you have to install the new drivers.
  6. Lastly, reinstall the driver from your computer and check if the changes affect your computer.

Driver Fix

You can choose the driver fix application, and you will be safe from all the errors on the screen. You can download it easily. Furthermore, you can download the program for upgrading it to the free version to prevent the application from the specific actions.

This error can be problematic for several reasons, but you have to fix it by any of the methods mentioned above in our review.

FAQ’s About The BSOD Error

What Is Meant By The PFN_List Corrupt Error?

The PFN is the short form of the page frame number, and it is the error that occurs after your computer has the blue screen. You can choose any of the solutions from our guide to solving the bluescreen error.

How To Run The BSOD Troubleshooter?

You can run the BSOD troubleshooter by removing the 3rd party apps, and you will not have this error if you are using any of the software which has antivirus properties.

Is The BSOD Error Problematic For The Other Drivers Of The Computer?

The BSOD error is not really problematic for the other drivers of the computer. You might lose the data from the computer. But you can get back the data from the computer by choosing the restored data.

What Is The Cause Of Stop Code Memory Management Of Bluescreen?

  1. You have to run from the windows memory diagnostic tools.
  2. Now check the drivers and click on the option of updating the windows.
  3. Now you have to click on the corrupt file of windows.
  4. Reset Windows 10.
  5. Replace the hardware.

How To Prevent The Blue Screen On Windows Error Quickly?

To prevent the pfn list corrupt windows ten fix error, you can follow these steps:

  1. Right on the desktop and choose properties.
  2. Now you have to go on the advanced system settings from the left-hand side.
  3. Under the recovery and startup, you have to choose the settings option.
  4. Now choose the system failure and untick the option which enables the automatic restarting option.
  5. Now click on the OK button and continue using the PC.

To Sum Up

Surely, after trying our solutions, you can fix the blue screen error. You can easily use these solutions whenever the PC is having a corrupt issue due to the BSOD.

Moreover, you can try the recoverit data software to get back all your data. For having the data back, you don’t need any special skills for using this software.

In fact, the methods we have added in our guide are great for newbie computer users. Other than that, you need to have some knowledge about the causes before you choose any solution.

Some of the solutions in our list are good for removing the bug issues from the computer. Also, let us know which method you tried to solve the issue of BSOD.

Thanks for the read!