Are you finding how to fix Xbox one controller that keeps disconnecting on pc with easy solutions? We are here to assist with our detailed guide. If you are one of those gamers who don’t like to use the keyboard or mouse to play games, we will tell you how to make a secure connection with the Xbox controller.

How To Fix Xbox One Controller Keeps Disconnecting On PC - Easy Solutions
Fix Xbox One Controller

The controllers are ideally made for working on the consoles, but you can use them with the computers as well. You are not the only gamer facing the issue of the controller with the Xbox one. You can prevent this issue by some troubleshooting steps inconvenient methods.

Methods On How To Fix Xbox One Controller keeps Disconnecting on PC?

Below we are going to reveal the 15 simplest methods that will help you solve the disconnection issue with Xbox one controller.

Having no idea what could be the possible cause of this issue?

Let’s figure it out first!

What Are The Causes Of Xbox One Controller Disconnecting Issue On PC?

It is crucial that you go through some troubleshooting steps and know the cause that is occurring on your PC with Xbox one controller.

o    Outdated GPU Driver

Sometimes the Xbox one controller is not working because you are having an outdated graphics processor driver. Furthermore, you need to check if the controllers are working perfectly or not. Check the computer is having all the drivers updated. Old drivers may cause the Xbox one to freeze or stall.

o    Accessories Application Of Xbox

It is recommended that you choose the Xbox accessories application on your PC. For avoiding any kind of issues in the Xbox, you have to install the application of Xbox. Install the latest version of the accessories Xbox. There are chances that after installation of the application, you can prevent the Xbox issues.

o    Device Association Service

Install the device association service on your PC for malfunctioning and preventing the issues of the controller. The device association will recognize what issue is occurring. You can also turn off the device association service and then check if the controller is working or not.

How To Fix Xbox One Controller Keeps Disconnecting On PC - Easy Solutions
Fix Xbox One Controller

o    Power Management Configurations

You might have turned off the computer to prevent the power management configurations. You have to allow the device to work with all the accessories attached to it for proper functioning. The Xbox controller will not work if the pc is not allowing access to other devices.

o    Hidden Adapters

The hidden adapters present in the pc might be outdated, due to which the controller is not working. You have to check if the computer recognizes the controller, and you should have the latest version of the Xbox controller 360.

o    Other Bluetooth Device Receivers

Some of the central processing units come with the preinstalled Bluetooth adapters. You have to choose the third-party apps and check the Bluetooth dongle is working correctly. In case the controller is not functioning properly, you have to recognize the adapters at the same time.

You need to check the Bluetooth adapter’s recognition issue as well. It is important to disconnect the default dongle of the Xbox one controller for resolving the issues of disconnection on your PC.

These are all possible causes that can occur and stop the Xbox one controller from disconnecting on PC. You must know which cause could be your for fixing the issue easily. Also, check the measures that you need to take before moving on to the steps of the Xbox one controller.

Before Trying The Fixing Methods For Xbox One Controller

  1. You have to press the x button and check if the console is turned off after 20 seconds or not. Then release the console button. If it doesn’t turn off, try the procedure again.
  2. Wait for a few minutes, and then turn on the console by pressing the button again.
  3. You have to restart the console, so it doesn’t have any issues later on.
  4. When the console starts to log in, you have to enter the account of your Xbox and then check if the disconnecting issue is still existing or not.

15 Solutions For Fixing The Xbox One Controller Keeps Disconnecting On Pc

Solution No.1: Update The Graphics Driver Or Reinstall It

One of the quickest solutions for solving the controller’s disconnecting issue with your PC is installing the graphics driver. You have to keep the graphics drivers updated or reinstall them.

  1. Open the device manager after right-clicking on the windows icon, and it will launch.
  2. After that, you have to click on the display adapters and choose from the list of drivers on your computer. You have to install the graphics card drivers and then double click on it for opening the displaying the adapters.
  3. Now you have to open the device manager and check if the display is giving the options of installing the drivers. Double click on the driver and then open properties.
  4. Now you have to navigate the driver tab and click on the graphics card’s update button.
  5. You can search automatically from the driver to update it. In addition, you can reinstall the driver for having the latest features.
  6. Now you have to uninstall the driver for installing it again. Now you can restart the device, and it will provide the latest features for your pc.

Solution No.2: Download Xbox Accessories Application

For downloading the Xbox accessories application, you have to follow these steps:

  1. You can find it from the search bar of your application from the start menu.
  2. Enter Microsoft store and now press the enter key.
  3. Please search for your Xbox’s accessories in the bar, and you have to reinstall it in your device.
  4. After installing the accessories, you have to run the app and check if the driver is updated or not.
  5. Once the controller is updated, you can easily resolve the controller’s disconnection on pc.

Solution No.3: Stop The Service Of Device Association

Next, we have another solution that will work if you can stop the device association’s service.

  1. Open the window of run from the start menu
  2. Now you have to type “services. MSC” for opening the local services.
  3. Over there, you will find the device association service.
  4. Right-click on that service and now choose the option of disabling it.

Solution No.4: Tweak The Power Management Controller Settings

For changing the power management controller settings, you have to follow these steps:

  1. You have to open the windows and R key from the keyboard, and it will open the run box.
  2. After opening the box of the run, enter “devmgmt.msc” and open the device manager.
  3. You can connect the system and locate the settings on your Xbox controller.
  4. Now find the controller of Xbox and right-click on it for opening the properties.
  5. You can then proceed with the power management tab and then save it from the computer to open the power option.
  6. Uncheck the option of power management controller settings and then restart the device for resolving the issue on your PC.

Solution No.5: Disable The NVIDIA Wireless Controller Services

Now you can try another solution if your Xbox controller is not connecting. You have to disable the NVIDIA wireless controller services by the following services.

  1. You have to open the windows and R option and then enter “services. MSC” to open the controller services of the graphics card.
  2. Now you have to find the services of the NVIDIA graphics controller and click twice over it.
  3. Press on the stop option for preventing the PC from running it.
  4. Click on the startup type and press on the menu for finding the option of disabling the services. You have to save the changes and then click on the exit.

It is the most simple way on how to fix Xbox one controller that keeps disconnecting on pc.

Solution No.6: Uninstall The Geforce Experience

For uninstalling the GeForce experience, locate the control panel, and you have to find the option of uninstalling the programs.

You have to completely uninstall the NVIDIA graphics card files and follow the instructions on the screen. Now restart the pc and attach the controller again to check if it is working or not.

Solution No. 7: Find The Hidden Adapters

To find the hidden adapters, you have to open the run window and type “devmgmt.MSC” You have to right-click on it for viewing.

A list will open, and you have to see the hidden devices. Choose the 360 wireless adapters and check if it is connected or not. It is important that you uninstall the device and then check if the issue is still occurring on your computer or not.

Solution No. 8: Close The Steam And Oculus Home

You have to close the steam and disconnect the issues that are stopping the controller from working on your pc.

Furthermore, you have to get the latest updates and logoff or login in again to close steam. Once the steam is closed, you have to plug in the controller again and check if any issue occurs while launching.

Additionally, you have to install the oculus home and choose the support of the controller for running on your device. If you have to turn off the oculus quest because it will not let the controller work simultaneously.

Solution No.9: Update The Firmware Of Controller

You have to update the firmware of the controller for resolving the disconnecting issue on your PC.

  1. Connect the controller with the USB cable and access the console settings by pressing the X button.
  2. You have to navigate the system’s settings and choose a device & stream from the accessories’ location.
  3. You have to select the controller options from the three dots on the corner.
  4. Now you need to install the new version of firmware and press on the option of updating it now.
  5. The updates will be installed without following any further instructions.

Solution No.10: Relocate The Monitor And Controller Batteries

There could be some issues with the wiring if the controller keeps disconnecting from the PC. You can relocate the computer, so there is no interference between the connections of your devices. Sitting close to other electrical devices will make the controller disconnect sometimes.

For turning on the controller, you have to make a c shape from the fingers and put some pressure on it. Now squeeze the controller together and let the controller blink two to three times in this way, you can connect the controller with your pc again.

The controller of the Xbox comes with 4 prongs, and you have to spot the (-) sign on the battery. Sometimes the voltage is not provided to the controller properly, which will make the controller disconnect often.

Solution No. 11: Use A Micro USB Type-A Cord

You can use other USB cords for using the additional accessories with the PC. You have to check if the USB port is correct. We recommend using the USB 3.0 port because it will provide the most secure connection.

There are two kinds of cords of the Xbox controller that are A and B. the controller will function correctly if the cables are connected properly.

The cord should have a square shape or flat shape. It should not wiggle while plugging it inside the computer.

With the Type-A port, you will have a strong signal connection, and it will remove the errors completely.

Failed to solve the issue of your Xbox remote with the PC, we have other solutions below in our guide. Read on!

Solution No.12: Disable The Internal Bluetooth Receiver

There are a lot of controller users who said that by disabling the internal Bluetooth receiver, you could eradicate the issue of disconnection. You have to use one Bluetooth receiver at a time for using the controller.

Disable the internal Bluetooth receiver for connecting the controller. For disabling the settings of the controller, you can go to the device manager for changing the settings.

Solution No.13: Remove The Mic For The Right Functioning Of PC Settings

You can remove the mic for the right functioning of pc settings. The Xbox controllers of the latest generation come with the 3.5mm jack, and the audio cord will cause difficulty in connecting the controller with pc. You have to turn off the connection of the mic.

For removing the mic for the right functioning of pc settings with the Xbox one controller, follow these steps:

  1. Open the sound settings.
  2. Now click on the microphone inputs.
  3. Press on the option of the controller and choose to disable the option.

After that, you can check if the controller is working smoothly with your pc.

Solution No.14: Download DS4 Windows

You solve the issue in another easy way as well. By downloading the Ds4 windows, you have to prevent issues with the controller. With the help of DS4, you will have a quick solution to all the connector issues.

The DS4 option is great for those who are having the older generation of windows, such as windows 7 or below. You will have the Dualshock 4 PlayStation controllers. The program will show the options of controllers and prevent the issues of the remote in the future.

Solution No.15: Disable Experimental Steam Function

If the above solutions didn’t work, you could disable the experimental steam functions by the following steps:

  1. Press on the windows and S button on the search bar.
  2. Now type Geforce experience and choose the option which is given on the top for launching the application.
  3. Now click on the in-game overlay settings and ensure that the stream is disabled.
  4. If the steam is enabled, you will not have the access to use the controller while gaming.
  5. The automatic disconnection happens when the stream is not working.
  6. If the steam is disabled, you have to exit from the Geforce experience software, and it will resolve the Xbox controller from disconnecting on the pc.

The Conclusion

You have seen all the possible solutions for fixing the Xbox one controller disconnecting on pc. However, if you are using the console with the USB 2.0 connection, you will randomly have the disconnection issue. Therefore, you have to use the USB 3.0 port for the most reliable connection.

Other than that, you need to check if the battery of the laptop is working fine, and it has enough charging. The weak batteries will not let the Xbox controller work. Replace the batteries if they are weak.

Hopefully, our solutions will help you to solve the error. Thanks for the read!