Various windows users report that they have ss3svc64.Exe on startup error. This error can occur whenever they open the computer. However, you can solve the through our guidelines. More than that, the ss3svc64.Exe asks to make changes on the PC.

In fact, the ss3svc64.Exe will reduce the performance of pc, and you will have several cases when it interferes with your work. Other than that, this error could be a virus as well. Some of the users with the antivirus software claimed that ss3svc64.Exe would be flagged as a virus.

Ss3svc64.Exe On Startup: What To Do For Removing It and Why It Occurs?

Before we tell you how to resolve this error or virus, you must know why the ss3svc64.Exe on startup occurs. This issue can occur mostly due to the sonic studio 3. This game comes with the software that is formed by Asustek Computer, Inc.

Furthermore, the sonic suite 3 comes with audio effects, and you have to do some modifications to the computer. The error might occur when the computer doesn’t have a similar output level that game needs.

But wait, you don’t need to worry about the ss3svc64.Exe error because it doesn’t threaten the operating system. In addition, you need to remove the error to make the system safe as well as genuine.

Besides, some of the new software can target errors such as ss3svc64.Exe on startup. The most convenient way to detect the error issue is by checking the sonic suite three application that you have downloaded on the computer.

Besides, if you don’t have the sonic suite game on your pc, there’s a threat to the computer. It is highly recommended to download the antivirus software. You have to remove all the infected and corrupted files from the pc for consistent operation.

So are you facing trouble with ss3svc64.Exe? In our guide, we’ll try to solve this issue with some simple methods. Also, you will know other things related to this virus.

How To Solve The Ss3svc64.Exe On Startup?

Here we will tell you four methods on how to solve the issue of Ss3svc64.Exe on Startup.

  • Run the Ss3svc64.Exe with the permission of the administrator
  • Uninstall the sonic suite 3
  • Do a clean boot
  • Rename the file of Ss3svc64.Exe

Before you start the process of resolving the issue of Ss3svc64.Exe, check on these steps:

  1. Press on the ctrl and Esc keys.
  2. Now open the task manager.
  3. Click on the processing tab and then click on the end task button for exiting the whole process.

Fixing Method 1. Run The Ss3svc64.Exe With The Permission Of Administrator

Most of the windows users face the Rename the file of Ss3svc64.Exe because they don’t have the administrator’s access or permission.

  • Click on the Windows + E button for opening windows explorer.
  • After that, you’ve to click on the navigation location.
  • Next, pick the properties option, go on the tab of compatibility, and click on it to run the program by becoming the admin.

Ss3svc64.Exe On Startup – <a href=

  • Lastly, you have to click on apply now and save the new settings.

Fixing Method 2. Uninstall The Sonic Suite 3

Next, you can try the most common method for resolving the error of Ss3svc64.Exe on startup by uninstalling the sonic suite 3.

  • Open run
  • Type appwiz. CPL and press enter
  • Open the sonic suite 3 and right-click on it for uninstalling the game.
  • Further, you have to open windows explorer.
  • You must navigate all the data from the file of Ss3svc64.Exe.

Fixing Method 3. Do A Clean Boot

So you were not able to solve the Ss3svc64.Exe error with the above two mentioned methods? We have another solution.

For instance, you have to clean the boot to remove all the errors and viruses from the pc. Furthermore, you will know what the cause behind the error on the startup is.

  • Click on the windows and the R button to open the run dialog box.
  • Next, you have to type on the MSConfig in the box and press enter.

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  • Now you’ll see the services tab and press on it. For instance, you have to hide the activities of Microsoft on the bottom. Now click on the disable all option.
Ss3svc64.Exe On Startup – Guide To Remove This Virus Easily
Guide To Remove This Virus Easily
  • Fourthly, you have to press the startup button and open the task manager.
Ss3svc64.Exe On Startup – Guide To Remove This Virus Easily
Guide To Remove This Virus Easily
  • Fifthly, you have to select the sonic suite 3 service and disable it.
  • Lastly, reboot the computer, and hopefully, the error will be resolved.

Fixing Method 4. Rename The File Of Ss3svc64.Exe

If the above three solutions didn’t work, you can try a different solution. For example, you have to rename the file of Ss3svc64.exe. More than that, you have to find the exact location where the setup of the file is placed, and you have to rename the file.

In addition, you can change the name from Rename the file of Ss3svc64.exe to ss3svc64old.exe. After changing the name, you have to restart the computer.

What Difference Can Occur After The Removing The Ss3svc64.Exe From Startup?

There will be no difference after removing the ss3svc64.Exe error because it doesn’t interfere with the user while working. However, the error can affect the computer in the long term. For instance, you will have the default settings back after removing the sonic suite 3 from the PC. Furthermore, it is crucial to uninstall sonic suite 3 to eliminate the errors on startup.

To Sum Up

There is a lot of controversy among the windows users that they are facing the ss3svc64.Exe. The best solution to solve this error is by renaming the file. Besides, if you play sonic 3, it’s time to delete it. Hopefully, our guide on ss3svc64.Exe on startup can help you. Comment in the below area if you know any other method to resolve this issue. Thank you for visiting us!