Over watch  is one of the biggest games played on PCs, but some players have been reporting problems with their game recently Over watch cannot hear Voice Chat. They say that they can’t hear other people’s voices when they’re in the team channel, which is a big problem for them! We know exactly how frustrating this “Over watch cannot hear Voice Chat” issue can be because it’s another common problem for players trying to communicate through the in-game voice chat feature. In this article, we’ll address some of the most common Overwatch voice chat problems and give you solutions that should fix these issues instantly and help you play more smoothly with your teammates online.

Over watch can’t hear Voice Chat


What Can’t You Over watch cannot hear Voice Chat?

We were informed by some of our users about this issue and immediately went about investigating what the cause could be. Following a rigorous testing process, we believe that the primary source is due to one of the following reasons:


Obsolete Drivers

  When using Discord on Windows, you may experience that sometimes there are sounds which do not play properly over the program. This issue can be in some cases linked with problems concerning outdated audio drivers that can prevent users from playing all of the game’s audio. Therefore, we suggest that as quickly as possible, you install these new updates for your system to ensure proper sound performance going forward. Additionally, if you would like to have an even better gaming experience, it would also be helpful to read our guide to learn how you can update and fix any other important issues that may occur both with your device and any other aspect of your computer – including hardware or software programs


Wrong Configuration:

In some cases, you’re in-game settings might not be configured properly and this can sometimes trigger the over watch can’t hear voice chat Xbox issue. This can also be the reason behind its occurrence on PC so we recommend that you go through the solutions below to ensure that your settings are configured as per the requirements.


Background technique:

If there are a lot of background processes running on your computer, it might be possible that the game’s voice chat feature gets derailed. Therefore, we suggest that you try to minimize the background processes using the techniques mentioned below in this article and also ensure that these scheduled processes won’t interrupt your gameplay. If you follow some simple steps (deleting unnecessary things from taskbar and so on), then surely the voice chat feature will not get affected.



Many network packets are flagged as malicious or suspicious by firewalls or any other antivirus. They are prevented from being transferred or even received. In case your antivirus is preventing you from receiving the files, it’s worth adding exceptions to the firewall settings of Windows, as we show below, or disable the program altogether:


Now that we have taken you through most of the reasons due to which the issue occurs, we can finally start implementing the solutions.


Read carefully before you start:


  1. First of all, make sure that the headset you are using isn’t faulty and that it’s also connected properly to your system. If the problem persists with other applications, then chances are the software is causing a problem.


  1. Sometimes when this issue arises, it’s simply because the audio device plugged into your system isn’t compatible with the game or your PC. This mostly happens to Bluetooth devices because of the way they are connected. So first, you should verify if your Bluetooth device is working just fine and fully functional by trying to connect it to another device that isn’t involved in the issue at hand and see if it works, but then again if this issue is still present then you may have to go back to a wired headset or audio device because they’re most likely going to work.


  1. A few users reported that there was a program called Nahimic on their computers which was causing issues with voice chat. After uninstalling it and rebooting the computer, they were able to talk with each other without any problems.


  1. Some users are having issues with an NVIDIA Gamestream feature where onscreen frame-rate counters cause CS:GO to crash. This appears to be fixed after disabling the application or deleting it from your machine.


  1. Some users experience this issue due to a glitch in their PC’s software. By disabling the Gamestream application, they have been able to fix the issue and play the game normally.



 Resolving over watch can’t hear  teammates problem:

Solution 1: Update Audio Driver

  1. When you opened the Windows Phones Device Manager by following the instructions above, you should’ve seen an option called “Update driver” which is iconized as a rectangle with a green arrow pointing upwards. Right click on the “Microphone”, select “Update driver” from the drop-down menu and choose “High definition audio device” from the window that appears. Select “Next” and follow through to complete the update until it’s finished.

Over watch can’t hear Voice Chat

Update Audio Driver

2.After right-clicking on your Speakers and selecting Update Driver, read all the instructions first. Make sure that you have an                            Internet connection before attempting to install the drivers.

Update Audio Driver

3.Now right-click on the speaker icon located at the bottom-right corner of the taskbar and select Troubleshoot sound problems.


  1. In order to troubleshoot this issue, a technical support window will appear. Please follow the displayed instructions and check if your issue is resolved.

Solution 2: Update Driver Through Driver Easy

There is another method to resolve these driver problems by simply installing a popular driver update assistant named Driver Easy.


  1. After installing the software, simply launch the software and wait for it to scan and discover all the faulty/outdated drivers. Once it’s done looking through, select those you’d like to get updated and wait for it to download the latest versions of them.


Update Driver Through Driver Easy




  1. Restart the PC. Launch the game. Check to see if the voice chat issue has been resolved.

Solution 3: Check In-Game Audio Settings


Sometimes in-game audio settings are set to a certain level by default that they are not clearly audible. Changing the in-game audio settings can help fix this issue. Follow the instructions given below to adjust the game’s audio settings:

  1. In the game’s main menu screen, find the Options option and then move to the Sound option.


2. The Sound panel can be toggled on/off by pressing ` (or with your keyboard’s chat key) or via the “Sound” button.


3. Now turn the “Voice Chat” option to “Maximum Volume” and make sure to leave on “Auto Join” for both Group Voice Chat and                    Team Voice Chat.


  1. Finally, launch the game and check whether you’re in-game voice chat is at a good volume and if it still isn’t then try and find a way to fix that issue.


Solution 4: Tweak Battle.Net Application Settings


  1. Launch the Battle net application and navigate to the Settings option.
  2. Execute the Voice Chat option, and in the Audio Output Device column, select the actual model of your headset that you are using from the list.


Speaker as default device




  1. We have to make sure that your microphone and speaker are functioning normally before moving on to the next step.


Solution 5: Set Headset / Speaker as default device

Sometimes when you plug your headset into your computer, you won’t hear any microphone input in-game and as a result, you can’t talk to other players. The problem is most likely due to an issue with Windows how it is setting up your default audio output device. To fix this problem follow the steps given below:

  1. Start icon and navigate to the “Settings” option by clicking rightSpeaker as default device
  2. If a user wants to set up their computer in order to listen to sound effects through the speakers, then he/she may click on “Control Panel” and afterward (“Sounds”).Change the Network Profile



  1. On the right side of the window click on the “Sound Control Panel” option located.
  2. Windows may pop up by themselves at some point. Enter the “Sound” tab, then highlight your speaker/headset near the top of the page and select it as your default sound device.Over watch cannot hear Voice Chat




  1. Now select every other audio output device except the one you are using right now, right-click on it, then select “Disable”.


  1. After that, head to the “Recording” tab, right-click on the microphone listed in this window and click “Set as Default Device”.





  1. Now when you’re in the recording tab, uncheck every other audio output device except the one that you are using.


  1. Finally, click “OK”, launch the game and check if you can no longer hear if your teammates are chatting during a game or not.


Solution 6: Try Pavucontrol Software


Some users have reported that installing Pavucontrol and opening it alongside Over watch works well for them. After doing so, ask someone to say something in voice chat then switch over to Pavucontrol immediately. In the Stream tab you’ll find a voice chat stream that will be playing on the wrong device – change this over to your default device.


Solution 7: Disable the audio output device’s exclusive mode


If you’re playing a game and it is giving you trouble where it seems as though your headset/speaker isn’t working properly, try disabling the exclusive mode in your audio settings before doing anything else. Try following the below mentioned steps to successfully disable the exclusive mode:

  1. Right-click on the Start icon and navigate to the Settings option


2. If a user wants to set up their computer in order to listen to sound effects through the speakers, then he/she may click on “Control                 Panel” and afterward (“Sounds”).


3. On the right side of the window click on the “Sound Control Panel” option located.


4. Right-click the speaker icon in your taskbar, or from the volume level in the bottom right of your screen, then click “Open Sounds”.               Your sound properties will appear so you can adjust what is being played through your speakers.


5.  The “Advanced” tab can be found in the Speaker Properties menu; just click on it and then uncheck the option that reads: “Allow                     applications to take exclusive control of this device.”


  1. Once you’ve followed the instructions in the article, click the “Apply Changes” button.


Solution 8: Close the Background Processes


Tasks running in the background can also cause the game to crash and as a result, generate the following error. Disabling tasks running in the background can fix this problem. Follow these steps to disable tasks that run in the background:


  1. Press the “Alt + Ctrl + Del” keys simultaneously and click on the “Processes” option


Close the Background Processes

  1. Navigate to the “Processes” tab and check out your current workload.Close the Background Processes

Solution 9: Match the Audio Sample Rates


Sometimes the bit rate, sample rate or whatever else it may be of both our speakers and microphones do not match up to exactly how they were intended and as a result, we cannot hear any in-game audio chat. So below you will find instructions on how to set whatever the audio settings are on your PC desktop:


  1. Right-click on the Start icon and navigate to the Settings option.Speaker as default device


2. On the right side of the window click on the “Sound Control Panel” option located.

Change the Network Profile



  1. On the right side of the window click on the “Sound Control Panel” option located.


  1. Right-click the speaker icon in your taskbar, or from the volume level in the bottom right of your screen, then click “Open Sounds”. Your sound properties will appear so you can adjust what is being played through your speakers.


Over watch cannot hear Voice Chat

  1. The Speakers properties window will appear next to you and ask you to go to the “Advanced” tab. Verify that the sample rate is 16 Bit, 48000 Hz in the Default Format section.


Match the Audio Sample Rates



  1. After you have adjusted the settings, go to the “Recording” tab and right-click on your microphone from the list. Choose “Properties”.




  1. Here’s how you can ensure that your microphone is configured properly: navigate to the “Advanced” tab in this window, verify that “2 Channel:-16 Bit” is selected in the Default Format section.

Match the Audio Sample Rates



  1. Make sure every device involved, such as microphones and speakers, are calibrated to make sure the sample rates and bit depth of both devices are exactly the same.


  1. After following the above-mentioned instructions, click the “Apply” button and then the “OK” button


Solution 10: Enable TCP & UDP Ports 


A solution to this issue is as simple as enabling or installing VoIP on your PC depending on your Internet connection.


  1. Click on the windows start menu and press the windows key and R at the same time to bring up a Run dialog box. Then type control then click enter. This should also work for previous versions of Windows as well as newer versions like 7 or 8.1


Enable TCP & UDP Ports



  1. The Control Panel Window will appear in front of you. In this window, find the “Windows Defender Firewall” option. Once selected, it should open up a new window that looks very familiar to other Windows firewalls and helps you get around all the controls with ease, for example – enabling or modifying certain rules, inspecting specific problems or even viewing logs.

3. Click the new “New Inbound Rule” option, “New Inbound Rule Wizard” window will appear; you will see the options to control which users and applications are granted a rule that lets them make outbound connections.


  1. New Inbound Rule Wizard will open in front of you, select the Port option and click the Next button


5. Select the “TCP” and then click the “Specific Local Ports” button. In that new window, type your desired TCP port i.e. 1119, 3724, 6113, 80 one at a time and click “Next”.

6.Select “ Allow the connection ” and the “ Next ” button. Then, select your network types. Afterwards hit the Next button again.

  1. Finally, enter a name for the new inbound rule and click on the Finish
  2. To open a UDP port, follow the same steps listed above but select “UDP” instead in the “Step 5: Add a New Rule” section. Also, remember to enter your desired port number (i.e. 6250) in the “Definition: Any Local Port” section of this new rule section as well.


Solution 11: Temporary Disable Firewall on your PC


  1. Simply by typing “control panel” into their Start menu, pressing Enter, and then clicking on the ‘Control Panel’ result.


  1. Open the Control Panel by pressing the Windows Key and the R key at the same time. In the run dialog window that pops up, type in “control /name Microsoft.ControlPanel” press Enter. The Control Panel will appear in front of you, in that window find the “Windows Defender Firewall” option and click on it.


3. Afterward, select the option “Turn Windows Defender Firewall On or Off” in the left side pane.


  1. In the customize settings screen, select the option “Turn off Windows Defender Firewall (not recommended)” in both sections i.e. Private Network Settings and Public Network Settings.

Solution 12: Re-install the Game

If the above solutions do not work it is possible that the game was corrupted by some external factor (a bad update, malware or something of a malicious nature). Deleting and reinstalling the game could resolve this problem.


  1. To open the Battle.net client, first, right-click on the “Battle” icon and select “Open Battle”


  1. In the All Games tab, right-click on the game and click on the Uninstalloption


  1. Locate Never winter’s installation folder. Delete all the remaining files if found any.


  1. Restart your Battle.net client, check if the issue persists, and if it does, perform an uninstall of the game and then reinstall again.