Some people are worried about data collection when they visit websites and see messages that say ” Wants To Store Files On This Device.” When using the Mega cloud storage service, most users see this type of message.


Mega.Nz Wants to Store <a href=Files on This Device” width=”550″ height=”300″ />

The error is a major concern for many users and can be scary to have security flaws in your browser. But don’t worry, this article will explain what causes the “SECURITY” failsafe failure message from Google Chrome browsers as well how you could fix it!


When I try to open my account, this is the message that pops up on screen: “We noticed you have a lot of files in here! We need some information before we can let them through.”  What do you think it means?

It sounds as if someone has been uploading stuff without thinking about where they’re going or who will see their content once things get published – which makes sense because most people don’t really consider how public online storage spaces like these work until after…



Seven Outrageous Ideas For Your Why I Am Seeing The “ Wants To Store Files On This Device” Prompt?


When downloading a file from, you may encounter an unusual prompt that asks if the user wants to enable security features for their browser and device. The purpose of this is so people know how risky it would be if they clicked “yes” without knowing what will happen next!

This isn’t related in anyway with Google Chrome’s recent breach but just wanted clarify things since some users seemed confused about why we’re requiring such precautions now when everything wasn’t compromised before?

It looks like you’ve got something to declutter your inbox. It could be a security threat, but Chrome is the only browser that uses File System API so this notification will pop up only in those browsers!

The file system API was created to allow web apps access files that are too large for a standard download. Mega and other similar services handle these encrypted downloads by downloading them onto your local storage, where they decrypt the content at end of procedure so you can read it easily on whatever device(s) exist in this scenario – be it desktop computer or mobile phone!

A new permission request prompt has been added that will allow users to grant access for free hard disc space used by applications.



 What should I do if mega starts asking me permission to store files on my device?

In certain circumstances, such as when downloading a specific file from Mega.NZ or any website that requires access before completing the download process – it’s important for users not to allow this so they don’t encounter errors during their visit and experience slow loading speeds due in part to too many resource-intensive processes running at once which will result with an error message being displayed instead of what was expected.

Because Google is one of the few browsers with this extra security feature (FileSystem API), you can download your files without experiencing any troubles if use another browser. However, keep in mind that it will not make downloads more or less secure; rather an additional layer is put into place by Chrome for safeguarding purposes!


Click the favicon in front of your URL bar and select Allow or Block from Mega’s automatic downloading options. You can also be reminded about this decision when trying again, so go ahead!





Step1: Attempt to use a different browser

You may use any other browser to avoid obtaining this question before downloading. The Google Chrome browser is the only one that emphasizes extra protection of your files and folders with its File System API, so if you want a more secure experience when browsing online than what most browsers offer then take advantage!


Using any other browser instead of Google Chrome will not increase or decrease your download security, i.e., it’s only an additional layer that can be helpful but isn’t necessary for all users depending on the situation they find themselves in with their internet connection being slow (or something else).

The author goes onto say how this doesn’t mean you should use whichever program suits yourself best because there may times when one might need more protection than another; rather we recommend using whatever tool provides adequate services which suit our needs at present time until newer versions come out later down road!


 Step2: Allow downloads to happen automatically

You can easily modify your site settings so that you won’t get accidentally banned from downloading files on If this has been happening to You, here’s how:

  • To access, go to google chrome and search “mega NZ” before pressing Enter
  • To see site details, click the lock icon and select Site settings.
  • Click on the Browse tab and select allow from this selection.
  • A new window will open, scroll down to find an option for automatic downloads then click Allow in order to make them available on your device!


The automatic download option is now enabled.

Step3: Remove the cookies from your computer

1.    The settings are found in an app’s top right corner, under the “Settings” label for example social media integration or email account setup tools can be found here along with other more specific options such as dark mode preferences if available on your device model

2.    To find the site settings, head to Privacy and security > Site Settings.

3.    You can select View permissions and dates stored across sites from the drop-down menu. In addition, if you want to search for mega templates on NZCMS use “mega” in place of letters. (I am very excited about this because I think it will help me make my website more professional-looking!)

4.    Clicking the bin button removes all cookies from your browser so that you can download a file.

Some people have reported that deleting the cookie in Chrome fixes their (MEGA) wants to permanently store large data on your computer storage problem at least temporarily!

Step4: Clear your Google Chrome cache

1.    Click the settings icon in your browser’s top right corner and select “Settings.”



Clear your Google Chrome cache



2.    Click on the Advanced tab at the top of the settings window.

3.    The reset and clean-up option is at the bottom of this menu.

Clear your Google Chrome cache1

4.    Press the Reset button to return all of your settings back.

  1. Select the Chrome’s reset button is a website that wants to permanently store large amounts of data on your computer, but the storage may be full if you don’t reset Google Chrome and clear cookie information with this process as well!


 Step5: Delete Your Browsing History

Perhaps the problem “ wants to store files on this device” will go away if you clear your browsing history or reinstall Google Chrome?

1.    In order to see what you have been doing online, open your Google browser and hit “Control + H”.

2.    Click the Clear browsing data button to delete all of your histories.


3.    Click the radio button next to “Clear data” and click Save.


Delete Your Browsing History should now be disabled.

Step6: Uninstall the MEGA Add-on

Google Chrome has a built-in tool called the Chrome Web Store which makes it easy to update your web browser and apps. If you want to remove mega, open the web store and search for “Mega Removal Tool”. From there, simply click “Install”. Once installed, go back to the Chrome web store and open the Chrome menu (located at the top right corner of the browser) and select “Tools”. Under “Extensions”, look for the “MEGA” app and select it. Next, select “Remove”, then click “Finish”. That’s it – all your personal files and media should have been wiped out!

Step7: Uninstall the MEGA Program


1.    To open the Run window on your computer, press Win + R.

2.    To open the Programs and Features window, type apprize. LCpl into Windows search bar and click Enter!

3.    Next, locate the MEGA application and right-click on it. Select Uninstall from within for complete removal of this software!


Restart your computer and relaunch Google’s browser after deleting MEGA to see if the problem has been fixed.

Step8: Clear File System Storage


·         CMD /C speedy & then press Enter Key

·         chrome:/settings/siteata

·         Go to the “Bin” button next to it and click Bin.

·         If the problem with downloading files has been resolved, users can download MegaDownloader for Windows by going to our site and selecting “Get It Now!”

·         “MEGA wants to permanently store large amounts of data on your computer, what are you thinking?”

·         To return to your original option, simply go on the Mega website and tap their favicon.

·         Choose whether you want to allow or block automatic downloading of apps and other content on your device.

This is a very serious issue that can affect all users of cloud storage services.


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Well, the wants to store files on this device is a very annoying problem that usually occurs in Google Chrome; here I tried my best at providing all information as well as effective solutions so you can fix it permanently (MEGA). Make sure to follow each step exactly- unless told otherwise by me or other admins! Apart from having any problems related to these steps please share them publicly through Facebook – while requesting support were needed also if necessary because everyone needs help once.