Do you want to figure out if your child spending too much time online? Well, it is a common concern of most parents today. Indeed, “screen time” is a huge problem for kids, teens, and adults as well. However, the kids should not have the addiction to using the digital screen because it is highly dangerous for them.

Is Your Child Spending Too Much Time Online?
Child Spending Too much

And let us tell you that screen time involves all the digital screens like tablets, laptops, phones, etc. Moreover, video games are also available on digital screens now. In our guide, we are going to explain to you some possible signs of kids who are addicted to the internet. Further, we are going to explain how parents can manage the screen time.

Is Your Child Spending Too Much Time Online? – The Common Signs

How to know that a child is spending more time on the internet which is not beneficial? Let’s find it out!

Signs That Your Child Is Addicted To Internet

If the kids start using the screen for too much time then they will develop a regular behavior. However, the addiction to using the internet on the digital is not good for them. The addiction to the screen will make them dull in other activities.

In fact, your kid will not have an interest in doing other healthy activities. Thus, it is important to keep a balance between the activities at every age.

Below are the common signs which will show if your child is addicted to the internet.

They Use The Phone Or Tablet For Longer Time

  • They start using the screen for a long time while leaving the other activities pending.
  • When the elders aren’t around you will find the kids online on their gadgets.
  • Using the internet before going to bed.
  • Doesn’t obey the rules and regulations of their routine.
    Is Your Child Spending Too Much Time Online?
    Child Spending Too Much

Mood Swings

  • Gets angry in the short period when you ask them to leave the screen.
  • Quickly irritated when they don’t have the access to the internet.
  • Shows tantrums and becomes sad when they don’t have their gadget.

Occupied For Most Of The Time In Day And Night

  • Doesn’t engage with the other fellows.
  • Teens will start using social media accounts for a longer time.
  • Doesn’t give proper time to other activities.
  • Frequently check the social media apps.
  • Plays games for a long time.
  • Make bonding with the people on social media accounts.
  • Doesn’t do the house chores or interact with the family.
  • Starts having an obsession with staying online.


Most parents worldwide are concerned that how much screen time is too much for the kids. We will discuss it below in our guide. However, according to a survey the statistics have been presented below.

Indeed, living in the screen world is not good because they will face severe consequences later.

  • Most of the kids and teenagers spend 44 hours in front of the digital screen. Besides, 23 percent of the kids are engaged in playing video games on the digital screens.

However, no one is recommending that kids should not spend time on digital screens. Instead, they can get engaged in other useful activities and spend the time in a good yet practical way. You can let the kids use the screen for minimal time for watching something informational.

On the other side, the kids can take help from the internet for their homework and other tasks. There are a lot of kids interested in watching DIY crafts. But you have to limit the time for using the screen for their benefit.

Best Ways To Manage The Child’s Time For Using The Touchscreen Gadgets

·         Add The Location On Your Child’s Device

You can add the location in the child’s tablet or laptop to check where and what they are watching on it. You will have a view of the screen wherever the kids are using the laptop.

·         Install The Apps For Looking On The Children

You can install the apps for looking at the children. There are several family restrictive apps that you can install in the kid’s gadgets so they don’t get engaged in watching the wrong content.

·         Kid-Proof The Browsers And Allow Them To Use It For Sometime

Installing the necessary protections for your kids is important because this is the age group most likely to become addicted to the technology. Set the lock screen time so that your kids are not tempted to spend excessive time on their tablets or computers. Also, make sure they’re not using gadgets inappropriately. You may choose to allow them to use the tablet or laptop for homework completion when they have completed their classwork.

·         Look For The Kids When They Are Using The Screen

Everything is good when it is used in a balanced time. You have to check the screen time of the kids and then make a schedule for them. Ensure that the kids are learning and being creative as well. Letting the kids play games for a long time will not make them active or productive.

Therefore, you have to encourage the kids when they are doing learning or other activities. Try to use the touchscreen gadgets less in front of them so they don’t ask you to use them as well.

Furthermore, you have to teach the kids to stay away from the screen because it will affect their eyes. Most of the kids below the age of six have fewer red eyes after using the screen for more than an hour.

·         Ensure That The Kids Are Following The Rules

And along with setting these rules, “modeling good behavior is important when it comes to establishing good habits”, says McGarrigle. If we do set certain rules around screen time, we need to give our kids the right message by following these rules ourselves. For example, if you’ve asked them not to scroll during mealtimes, try to refrain from using your phone yourself.

·         Fix A Curtain Time For Using The Gadgets

You have to fix a certain time for using the touch screen gadgets for children and teens.

Under 2

Children below the age of 2 should not watch the screen at all.

Above 2 To 10

You have to allow the kids above 2 for watching the digital screens for one hour a day.

Tweens And Teens

Teenagers should have at least 2 hours of screen time after they have done their homework.

Moreover, you can install the software of parental control on the laptops or tablets of the children. You will have access to blocking inappropriate sites with parental controls. Do not allow the children or teenagers to use the screens before going to bed.

You can turn off the wifi after they go to bed. Moreover, you can give a deadline to use the digital screen devices at least 2 hours before going to sleep.

·         Find Other Family Activities

You have to find out what the children are watching on the screen. You have to ensure that the kids are watching the right content on their tablets or laptops.

Other than that, you can engage the kids in the activities with the other family members. You can check if the kids are spending enough time in the outdoor activities as well.

·         Engage The Kids In Other Activities

You have to engage the kids in other activities so they don’t feel a craving for using the screen. However, it is difficult for the parents to find the right activity which can keep them engaged for a long time.

It will be best if you take the kids to any outdoor location or ask them to read a book. Engage them in house chores with you. Keeping the kids busy for some time will let them reduce the addiction to the internet.

·         Do Not Reduce Their Screen Of The Kids Immediately

You don’t need to reduce the screen time of kids from 6 hours to 1 hour. You have to talk to them about the dangers of using the screen. Let the kid understand the effects and then ask them to reduce the screen time slowly.

By starting the reduction from the minimal level will help the kids to leave the screen. You can tell the kids about the positive as well as negative impacts of watching the digital screen.

·         Turn Off The Notifications For Some Time On Their Phone

Last but not least, you can check if the children are using their phones when the notifications are turned off or not. You need to install the tool or set the timing for children for using the phones. Furthermore, you have to check if the notification ON time is similar for all days or not.

With the notification manager tool, you can easily check the usage time of the kids. Furthermore, you don’t need to be too strict immediately if the kid is addicted to using the screen for a longer time.  This tool will be helpful for the kids for reducing their addiction and support for parents.

Dangers: If Your Child Is Using The Screen To Much

It is the duty of every parent to ensure how much time their kid is watching the screen. It will be a mess if your child gets too addicted to the internet.

Therefore, it is crucial that you engage the kid in other healthy activities such as reading, writing, exercise, sports activities, homework, and other extracurricular activities.

Below are the most common dangers that can occur if your child is using the screen for too long.

·       Chances Of Being Obese

Your kid will have chances of getting obese if they sit in the same position for a long time while using the screen. The kids must get engaged in the movements and you have to reduce their carb intake as well.

Nowadays all the kids are most engaged in indoor activities which include gaming or watching cartoons on the tablet. The kids hate to get away from the digital screens even for eating their meals on time. What’s more? The parents are not even bothering to make healthy meals for their kids.

·       Difficulty In Sleeping

You will have difficulty sleeping after playing video games for too long. Or if the kid is watching the movies or any other thing on screen it will disturb their sleep routine.

·       Higher Chances Of Going In Depression

There are chances of getting in a higher state of depression if anyone uses a screen for a long time. The kids will get into a problem once they have anxiety, stress, or attention problems from a small age.

To Sum Up

No doubt, even adults are addicted to the internet nowadays. However, it is not good for letting the kids stay engaged with the touchscreen gadgets only. You have to encourage the children to get into some extracurricular activities so they can stay healthy.

Furthermore, you have seen the side effects of using the screen for too long time. The kids can be watching inappropriate content so you have to keep an eye on them. Allow the kids to use the internet for some time in a day. Keep the screen timeless from the beginning for your kids so you don’t have trouble later.

The best way to reduce the screen time of your children is by engaging them with you in any other activity. If the kid is facing any problem in spending time with the other fellows then you need to get help today to improve their mental health.

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