The Sim not provisioned mm#2 is a widespread error, particularly amongst the people who purchase a new phone with a new sim card or shift their number to a new sim card. It may only display the Sim not provisioned mm#2 problem on your phone, including the emergency calls option.

You won’t be capable of contacting anyone, excluding emergency calls with this failure on your phone. But, you can be fit to handle your phone and its other characteristics without an error.

pppppp How To Fix The Error “SIM Not Provisioned MM#2”

The principal analysis for the Sim not provisioned mm#2 is that your Sim isn’t initiated or rejected from the assistance provider or pulled up by the cell phone. If you have purchased a new sim card, you may see this error because you may have to stimulate your Sim.

Suppose your Sim is running fine and starts delivering this error, then it can suggest two things. The first thing is that the sim card is wasted and, accordingly, inactive. The Other scenario is that your sim card is deactivated from your co-operation provider because you have requested to convey your number to a new sim card.

It’s not surprising for cell phone users to endure SIM card failures from time to time. The Sim Not Provisioned MM#2 fault is a general problem that users may face. While it seems a little intimidating, it’s a query that can immediately resolve. In this article, we’ll be clarifying more regarding the problem and how to repair it.

What is SIM Not Provisioned MM#2 Mean?

This problem is not an error that you have to be scared of because it’s not as strange as you imagine. You may not be able to manage your phone for texting or calls by receiving this error. Typically, the SIM Not Provisioned MM#2 failure may only enable you to use the phone for crisis calls and for other innovations that don’t need the use of a mobile system.

Getting this error indicates that you cannot obtain your mobile network. While it may take bothering people who have never noticed this kind of error, there is no need to worry about it; A couple of simple ways can fix it.

7 Ways to Resolve “SIM Not Provisioned” Errors

  1. Correctly Insert the SIM Card
  2. Restart Your Phone
  3. Activate Your SIM Card
  4. Contact Your Carrier or Network Provider
  5. Enable Airplane Mode
  6. Try Another Port or Phone
  7. Get a New SIM Card

 Correctly Insert the SIM Card

If the problem isn’t with the SIM card’s activation or the system, it may only be an ill-fitting SIM. This may be due to issues with the state of the SIM itself or a poorly created SIM card slot.

To examine if the SIM is perfectly seated, turn off your phone, then get the SIM card:

     Find the SIM card by opening the back panel if you have an older or cheaper phone.

     You have to exclude the battery to obtain the SIM card slot.

      The SIM card slot is generally at the side of the handset with flagship or removable batteries phones and is typically a caddy upon which the SIM card lies; you’ll require a small SIM eject device to open it.

     See for a small hole by the side of your phone and force the machine in to eject the SIM.

     Restore the cleaned SIM card, getting care to place it as instructed. A sticker is regularly attached to the SIM card slot or an impression illustrating the SIM’s correct adjustment.

     Replace the SIM card in your phone, and switch it on again. The “SIM not provisioned” failure may not seem.

Restart Your Phone

It may appear unlikely, but just turning off your phone can solve the SIM not provisioned error. In fact, this has been reported by customers across the world.

● Make sure that you turn your device completely off.

● Wait a few minutes for the phone to restart.

● Once you see that the error is gone, your SIM card is working again.

Activate Your SIM Card

In some cases, a SIM card may be activated automatically within 24 hours after inserting into a new phone. Suppose this doesn’t occur, the following choices are generally available to allow activation:

     Call an automated number.

     Send an SMS

     Log onto the activation page on the carrier’s website.

All the above options are swift and sincere but depend on whether the carrier holds them. It may initiate your sim in many cases, and the error may resolve.

Contact Your Carrier or Network Provider

If the SIM does not activate, it’s time to call your carrier or network. Demonstrate to them the failure notification and the actions you’ve taken till now. Keep in mind that there may be an error with the activation server, preventing your SIM card from activating. This may cause an error report.

Your carrier may typically hold you on the edge when they review the issue. Suppose it is a query with the activation server; there may be some lag in taking the SIM activated. Despite this, you’ll have a mentality for the error and a reasonable date for analysis.

Enable Airplane Mode

     Set your phone in airplane mode, wait for some seconds, then set it back off.

     That may restore your device’s connection with your cellular transmitter and defeat the error.

     Unlock your phone’s Notification Drawer or Control Center and click the airplane symbol.

     Wait for a few seconds and tap the airplane icon to stop airplane mode.

     Try the other method if your phone still represents the fault notification.

Try Another Port or Phone

     The error report shows the faulty SIM card on some dual-SIM cell phones—e.g., “SIM 1 not provisioned” or “SIM 2 not provisioned”.

     Turn the involved SIM card to a different SIM slot on your smartphone and verify if that solves the problem.

     Suppose the fault continues; try injecting the SIM card on another smartphone.

     If it operates, there’s something incorrect with your phone’s SIM card slot or cellular wire.

     Visit an approved service center to arrange your phone monitored for potential hardware loss.

Get a New SIM Card

If you continue facing the error, it’s time to ask for a new SIM card, possibly an eSIM, if your phone supports it. You may call your system for this, but you’ll reasonably obtain it’s wiser to head to a social phone shop or, maybe even better, a member of your network or a franchise outlet.

They may control diagnostics on the SIM card and expectedly fix the error. If they replicate some of the actions you’ve already attempted, this is the role of the diagnostic process, so don’t worry. You require a new SIM card shouldn’t be difficult. The market will have the means to control the swap and connect the new SIM with your account.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you fix SIM not provisioned?

     Reboot Your Phone.

     It may appear unlikely, but simply turning off your phone can overcome the fault.

     Correctly Insert the SIM Card.

     Activate Your SIM Card.

     Contact Your Carrier or Network Provider.

     Get a New SIM Card.

Why is my SIM card not provisioned?

When your Android or iOS device says your SIM isn’t provisioned:

     There’s a difficulty preventing it from connecting to the SIM card’s carrier network.

     The carrier network may block your SIM card.

     The carrier network is undergoing downtime, particularly with SIM card activation.

How I Reactivate an Old SIM Card

  1. Eliminate the SIM card from the handset.
  2. Write the numbers printed on the SIM card.
  3. Communicate with your wireless provider to activate your SIM card.
  4. Give the IMEI number and SIM card number to your client service agent.
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