Our guide will reveal several methods to tell you how to fix shadowplay not working issue on GeForce experience. For those who don’t know about shadowplay, let us tell you that it is a feature of the Nvidia graphics card used to record the game while playing.

This software is most convenient to record any game, and most professional gamers download it. But now, several people are complaining that the shadow play is not working with the GeForce experience. Well, we have come up with the easiest solutions.

8 Methods On How To Fix Shadowplay Not Working Issue On Geforce Experience

While following any of the methods from our review, you have to ensure that you don’t skip any step. Besides, it would help if you did not panic because the shadowplay not detecting game is a common issue nowadays, and it is solvable conveniently.

Before we discuss the fixation methods, you need to know why this error occurs on your computer.


You would be wondering what the cause of shadowplay is not working issue on GeForce experience? Unfortunately, there are several reasons due to which this issue can occur. We have mentioned the most common causes that create the issue of shadowplay not recording the desktop.

Service Glitched

There are probabilities that you might be having the service glitched, and you are unable to use the shadowplay service. You need to fix the glitch service issue by restart the device. The computer and its software will start working correctly once the computer is rebooted.

Disable The Telemetry Service

You have to disable the telemetry service to prevent the issue of shadowplay. You should not enable the telemetry service until the shadowplay starts working correctly.

Media Feature Missing On Windows 10

If any of the media features is missing from your computer, then your shadowplay will not record the game. You have to ensure that the computer has all the media features and can record the game. Try to download any missing feature to prevent the recording shadowplay issue.

Experimental Features

Sometimes the computer has enabled the experimental features, which is why you are having the recording issues. You have to ensure that you disable the experimental features and then try to use the shadowplay for recording the game.

Desktop Capture Is Disabled

You have to disable the capture feature of your desktop. Ensure to enable it so the shadowplay software can record the game without any interruption. If the desktop recording is turned off, you will not be able to record anything from it.

Drive Error

The drive error is another common issue. You have to ensure that the drivers do not have any glitches. Did you face an issue that NVidia GeForce experience recording stops immediately? It means there is a corrupt driver.

For that reason, you have to ensure the proper usage of the shadowplay, and the Nvidia driver shouldn’t have any issues. The shadowplay will record if the drivers of the computer are working correctly.

Corrupt Installation Of Geforce Experience

The corrupt installation of GeForce experience might be corrupt due to which you cannot play games. You have to reinstall the GeForce experience and ensure it is downloaded correctly.

These were the most common reasons due to which you were facing the issue of shadow play. So let’s move onto the fixing methods.

Fixing Methods

1.      Restart The NVIDIA Service

For restarting the NVIDIA service, you have to follow these steps:

  • Open the run window and type services. MSC, and now click on the restart button.
  • Check if the shadowplay is recording now or not.

Check the other methods if your computer is still having the issue of not recording gameplay.

2.      Install NVIDIA Again  

The error would be occurring because of the corrupt NVIDIA driver. So you have to install the NVIDIA driver again. Go to the website of NVIDIA and install the latest version of the NVIDIA GeForce Experience.

Other than that, you can install the new version of the video card driver. However, if you don’t have time to fix the shadowplay, not recording the issue, install the driver easily. This amazing driver will recognize the problem in your computer and automatically start correcting it.

In this way, you will not have any unnecessary driver on your computer. Install the right driver, and you will not have any chance of making the wrong step while installing the new drivers on your computer. There are two versions of the driver easy: free and pro version.

Choose between the driver easy versions. Best of all, you will have the money-back guarantee with the driver easy for 30 days. To install the driver easy to follow these steps:

  • Install the driver easily.
  • Now press on the scan now button.
  • It will start scanning the issues of your computer.
    show play 1 How To Fix Shadowplay Not Working Issue On Geforce Experience? – Guide
    – Guide ” width=”786″ height=”587″ /> Fix Shadowplay Not Working
  • Now press on the update option, and it will install the right version that your computer needs for fixing the issues.
  • However, if the computer needs the pro version for updating the software, it will take you there.
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    – Guide ” width=”793″ height=”586″ /> Fix Shadowplay Not Working
  • You can restart the computer, and it will make changes to the computer.
  • Now check if the shadowplay is recording the screen or not.

3.      Update the GeForce Experience

You need to install the new version of the NVIDIA GeForce Experience. Choose the software which is convenient to upgrade by the following steps:

  • Open run by pressing the Windows and R button. Now type appwiz. Cpl and press the enter button.
  • Now you have to uninstall the previous version that you had of GeForce.
  • Check the instructions in the picture given below for installing the software correctly.
    How To Fix Shadowplay Not Working Issue On Geforce Experience? – Guide
    Fix Shadowplay Not Working
  • After you have uninstalled the shadowplay, go to NVIDIA support and install the new version that is given.
  • You have to go to NVIDIA support and check if the installation is completed or not.
  • Check if the screen recording is happening now or not.

4.      Enable The Screen Recording

Your computer might have disabled the screen recording. So you have to click on the enable now option for screen recording. For enabling the screen recording, follow these steps.

  • Open shadowplay and now choose the option of preference.
  • Ensure that the desktop recording feature has a tick.
    How To Fix Shadowplay Not Working Issue On Geforce Experience? – Guide
    Fix Shadowplay Not Working
  • Now check if shadow play is recording or not.

5.      Disable Blur Settings

If the above 4 solutions did not work, you could disable the blur settings for allowing the shadowplay to record the screen.

  • Click on the windows and the R button to open the run.
  • Now you can type Regedit and launch the registry editor.
  • Enter “Regedit” on that software, and you have to navigate the settings too.
  • You will find the enable blur behind option and choose it to 1.
  • You can save the changes and check if the shadowplay is recording the screen or not.
  • If you don’t find the settings, you have to click on the new > Dword 32-bit value option.
  • You can rename the settings and press on the enableblurbehind option, and click on enter now.
  • You have to choose the value of the blur behind to 1 and choose the DWord and then exit.
  • Now the screen will start recording.

Check other solutions from our guide too.

6.      Deploy Experimental Feature

  • You can launch the Geforce experience and press on the settings from the right corner.
  • From the settings, check the enable experimenting feature that is on the NVIDIA GeForce Experience.
  • Close the GeForce experience and then navigate to the next folder.
  • You have to delete the share.Json and all the files of GeForce experience that are related to it.
  • Launch the GeForce Experience and then close it.
  • You have to restart the computer and check if the screen is recording from shadowplay or not.

7.      Fix The Shadowplay For One Game

Some of the users said that their shadowplay is not working for one game to record the screen. For that reason, you can follow these steps to use the recording software for one game only.

  • Firstly, click on the NVIDIA control panel and then open manage 3D settings. You have to manage the settings.
  • Click on the program settings and ensure if the game is working with the shadow play for recording the screen.
  • For the valiant game, if you still have screen recording, you have to click on the properties and then choose the compatibility tab option.
  • The compatibility settings should not be enabled. You have to choose the disable the optimization for fullscreen.
  • Check if the screen recording issue is resolved or not.

8.      Clean Driver Installation

  • You can choose the fresh driver installation for renewing the drivers. You will be able to fix the shadowplay not working issue with the clean drivers.
  • Now you’ve to download the display driver software.
  • Now, look if the software is downloaded or not. You will have the instructions that will show if the driver is installed correctly or not.
  • Once you have uninstalled the previous drivers, you can shift to the new visual adapter now.
  • Go to the GeForce official NVIDIA website and check if the driver has installed the graphics card or not. You will have the specific model of NVIDIA installed on your computer.
  • Download the driver and GeForce experience with it as well.
  • Now you have to restart the computer and check if the issue is resolved or not.

The NVIDIA GeForce experience is mostly corrupt, which is not letting the features of other software work with it.

Below are some recurrently asked questions that will let you know more about the GeForce. Read on!


Can Geforce Experience Enhance The Frames Per Second?

The Geforce experience will enhance the gaming experience, which means it will affect your laptop’s graphics and display. You will have better resolution, and it will surely improve the frames per second and optimize the settings. You can automatically feel a change after playing the game with and without GeForce experience.

Should I Uninstall The Geforce Experience For Enjoying The Games?

You can uninstall the GeForce experience, but sometimes you have to try other tricks to enjoy your laptop’s games like before. So you have to choose the right method for solving the shadowplay not working issue on GeForce.

Can Recording Affect The Frame Per Seconds?

No, recording should not affect the frame per second on your laptop. Though you are facing any issue with the record, you have to check why it is happening and look for the right solution. Moreover, the FPS will have some other factors due to which it affects the screen resolution.

Are You Stilling Having The Issue Of Shadowplay Not Working On GeForce Experience?

Well, after trying all the solutions that we have mentioned in our review, you should not have the recording shadowplay issue on the GeForce experience. We have one final solution for you.

Install the PC restoro repair tool. It will remove the files that are affecting the computer. You will if there is any hardware failure. Other than that, you will have better performance while using the GeForce experience. Overall, working experience while using the shadowplay will be better.

Below we’ll tell how to repair the pc issues with the pc repair tool in 3 simple steps.

  1. Firstly, you have to install the PC repair tool from trustpilot.com.
  2. Click on the scanning option so it can repair the issues. You will have the reasons why PC problems are occurring.
  3. Lastly, you have to click on the repair all tool.

This restoro repair PC tool is downloaded by 500,000 + users this month.

Comment below which fixation method for shadowplay was helpful to you. Thanks for the read!