Welcome here to know how to fix the ‘Omegle error connecting to the server. Please try again’. Several users are facing the error while opening this site on their phone, MacBook, or any other computer.

Those who don’t know about Omegle let us brief. It is a chatting site that involves video, audio, and text chatting. Do you know 1 million users use this site?

It is a popular site that will help people meet or look for someone with similar interests.

Best of all, you can make friends on this site, and it will not even charge a penny to use or download it on your device.

Anyway, if you face the error of ‘Omegle error connecting to server’, our guide will surely assist.

Solutions On How To Fix ‘Omegle Error Connecting To Server. Please Try Again’

Before we dig into the solutions, you need to know what could be the cause of this error. The error could occur due to multiple reasons. Following are the possible reasons for the server error.

Damaged Network

One of the most common issues that can occur is due to a damaged or unsecured network. You might have an unstable network connection at that moment.

You have to look at the issues that are occurring on the website.

The network settings could be stopping the device from reaching that site.

Not Following The Agreement

There are some probabilities that you might be banned from the site. It could happen unintentionally as well. You might not have followed any rule that is given by the site.

Or you might have broken any rule. You have to look at all the regulations that are required by the site to follow.

Accumulation Of Browsing Data

There are chances that the previous browsing data is not allowing the Omegle to open.

The device would not be connecting with the server smoothly, and you have to clear all the previous searching for opening the website.

Site Is Under Construction

Another possible reason for not opening the site is because it would be under construction. However, you will not have a fault for your site. Due to some technical issues, the site would be updating.

So these are all possible reasons that will prevent you from opening the Omegle chatting site. This site allows the users to chat with others anonymously, so it is crucial to follow the site’s rules.


You’ve seen the possible reasons that can cause the error. Don’t worry; we will help by telling various methods. And the best part, we’ll describe the solutions in the shortest possible ways. So let’s start!

Flush the DNS

Our first step is by flushing the DNS; you can easily get rid of the unnecessary network connections. You will have the best way to solve the error by flushing the DNS. Let’s figure out how to do it.

  1. Firstly, you have to open the window of the run.
  2. A rectangular box will pop up.
  3. Now you’ve to click on the search bar of the run and type cmd on it.
  4. Open the dialogue box by pressing the shift, ctrl, and enter together.
  5. Now you will be able to make all the changes as an administrator.
  6. Click on the commands of the windows and press the enter key. The operation should be completed before you make another command on the run dialog box.

Following are the commands:

  • ipconfig/flushdns, ipconfig/release, ipconfig/release6, and ipconfig/renew.
  1. You have to open the website of Omegle and check if the issues are resolved or not.

Use The Proxy VPN Browser

How To Fix 'Omegle Error Connecting To Server.
‘Omegle Error Connecting To Server

Indeed, VPN is an effective solution to open sites that are banned in your country. You have to open the VPN site or download it on your computer.

However, you can use the other sites of VPN if you cannot open the VPN.

Clear The Cache

Next, the solution is the most common and helpful for solving various kinds of bug issues. You can clear the cache.

  1. Open Chrome and click on the corner that has three dots.
  2. Click on the settings and look for more tools, and you have to go on the menu of settings. Now you can clear all the previous searching data history.
  3. Now choose the period that you need to delete the data from. It would be best if you clear all the data from google chrome.
    How To Fix 'Omegle Error Connecting To Server.
    ‘Omegle Error Connecting To Server
  4. Clean the history from the other browsers, too, if you use them like firefox, internet explorer, and more.

Reset The Internet Router

So if you are still having the issue with Omegle, then we have another method to solve it. First of all, you have to reset all the settings on your PC or laptop.

Check the connections of the computer. Furthermore, you have to clear the cache. Now follow these steps.

  • You’ve to go to the section of the administrator and then manage the settings.
  • Now check how to reboot the device.
  • You have to click on the device settings and restart it.
  • Also, you have to do web surfing again.
  • Did the website start work? If not, then you have to unplug the device and open the Omegle site.
  • You can also contact the internet customer services to check the device connections.
  • The customer service will also figure out the issue.

Check the other methods to solve this issue.

Helping Commands

You can take the help of commands for solving the problem. For instance, the commands will run as an administrator, and it will open the command prompt.

You will have the rebuilding process of DNS and its settings that are related to the IP address.

Sites And Extensions Of Proxy For The Web Browser

There are some points when the Omegle does not connect with the server. However, it is not any problem with your computer.

This technical fault occurs with its website. You have to solve this issue by completely closing the window and then opening it again.

Additionally, you have to connect the device to the server. Some of the users will have difficulty solving the issue with this error to use the proxy sites.

It would be the best alternative to solve the Omegle error. Various proxy sites will help you to solve the issue. Please choose the right proxy website for solving it.

You can open any of the proxy sites and then type Omegle URL on it. You’ll be taken to the site, and you’ll have the extensions with the website as well.

You will choose to change the browser language in the area where the Omegle cannot use it.

Contact Internet Service Providers

Unfortunately, are you still facing the issue? Check the internet connection. You might have any problem with the modem, or there could be poor signals. So you can easily solve the error by restarting the modem of the internet.

Troubleshoot internet settings and connections. You will have a quick solution to solve this problem. In this way, you can easily solve many problems from your server. Besides, you’ll have an efficient way of solving several kinds of issues.

In fact, you can contact the internet service connection to solve the error conveniently. You will have a connection from the third-party apps.

You have to look at the internet service provider’s network and its limitations as well. Check the other methods that the network service is telling to sort out this issue.

Contact Omegle

We have another solution that can fix this issue yourself. Please look at the errors of the Omegle website.

For instance, you have to open the website of the Omegle and have to look at the user’s capability for finding the rectification.

Thus, you can easily reach the Omegle, and you also have to maintain the server. You have to look at the server and why it is down.

Now you have to identify the causes of the Omegle error to solve it.

How To Fix Omegle From The Mobile Phone?

You can fix Omegle from the phone with the following solutions.

  • Open the browser from the mobile phone
  • Clear the cache
  • Flush the DNS
  • Check the connection
  • Use the extensions
  • Change proxy settings

A poor internet connection could be stopping the user from opening the site on the phone. The 3G connection will not open Omegle. These solutions are for android and iOS users.

The Final Verdict

You have seen various methods of solving the Omegle error. Hopefully, our seventh method will help you out.

Also, check if the Omegle error occurs again or not. If you have any queries related to the errors, then comment below.

We’d respond to all your comments and try to solve the issues.

Thank you for visiting us!