Elden Ring is a very popular game among android users. The gameplay of this game is simple. How to Fix “Elden Ring White Screen Crash” Error? Reaad this article complete. It has been developed by Humble Bundle. So, whenever someone wants to play this game, they need to install it on their mobile phone. But, before installing, we recommend you check whether you have enough space in your device. If there is not much free memory, then you won’t be able to install the game. To avoid such situations, you can delete unused files and games from your device.

You can also try to clean up the cache. You just need to open “Settings > Apps & notifications”. Now scroll down until you find the “Clear Cache” option and press that. After this process, restart your device. That will definitely solve the problem of crash errors.

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Elden Ring White Screen Crash


Methods to Fix Elden Ring White Screen Crash Error.


1. Replace DLL Files

It’s a problem that happens to many users who have Windows 7 installed on their computers. The issue occurs when the system stops responding properly. When you click on the Start menu, the screen will appear blank. This is known as a white screen crash. If your computer keeps crashing like this, then you need to make sure that you install the latest version of the software.

In most cases, the solution to the white screen crash problem lies in the registry. You should try to locate the file named “dll.cpl” and delete it. Once you’ve done this, restart the computer, and you’ll be able to access the desktop normally.


2. Disable CPU, GPU, or Ram Overclocking

When you’re playing games, you might want to know how to turn off your computer’s processor. You can’t just leave the machine running when you’re done using it though. That would be very dangerous. So here are a few ways that you can do this.

First, you should make sure that you have enough cooling fans. If you don’t, then you could end up overheating the components inside the case, which can cause them to fail or burn out.

If you’re interested in turning off your computer without powering it down, then you need to use a special program. This will allow you to do so safely.

You also need to check your motherboard manual for instructions on how to turn off your computer. There are usually settings that you can access through the BIOS menu.

Finally, you should always keep an eye out for any signs that your system is about to crash.

There are many reasons why a game may freeze or display a white screen. The most common one is when there’s not enough RAM installed in your PC.

In this situation, some programs will automatically start to delete data from memory. When the process is complete, you’ll find yourself with no more free space.


3. Clear Temporary Files

If you’re using an old computer, then chances are that your hard drive is full of useless junk. If this happens, then you may want to consider clearing the temp folder. This will free up space so that you can use more of your storage area for important things like photos, videos, and documents.

To do this, open the Start menu and select Control Panel. Then click on System and Security. Finally, click on the Advanced tab. Now, look for a section named Temp Internet Files. Click on it, and then choose Delete Files. After doing all of these steps, restart the computer.

This process should help you to clean up some of your temporary files. However, you may still have a lot of garbage in there. So, be sure to check the settings for your browser. You can also try deleting cookies. These are small pieces of data that websites save on your computer.

You might even want to take advantage of the cloud. Many people store their most valuable information online, such as pictures, music, and movies. When you do this, you’ll need to make sure that you back everything up regularly.


4. Add Elden Ring to Your Graphics Settings

If you have a problem with crashing, then you might want to check out this article. This is a guide that explains how to fix the crash issue. You can also learn more by visiting the website below.

There’s no doubt that the computer game Elden Ring is an amazing piece of software. However, it can be difficult to get started with it. If you’re having trouble getting through the first few levels, then you should try adjusting the settings on your PC. Here are four things that you can do to help you solve the problem.

First off, you need to make sure that the video card is compatible with the game. The best way to find out whether or not your card will work properly is to visit the manufacturer’s website.

You’ll also want to update your drivers. When you start up your computer, you may notice that it takes a long time before you actually see the desktop. That happens because the system needs to load all of the necessary files into memory.

Next, you’ll want to change some of your graphic settings. For example, you could adjust the color depth and resolution. You can read about these options in this article.

Finally, you’ll want to set up a separate folder for your games and other programs. This will prevent them from cluttering up your hard drive.

For Laptop Users with Dual Graphics Card

Many laptop owners have reported that their computer crashes when using certain games. Some of these problems can be fixed by installing the latest drivers, but others cannot. If your computer is crashing after playing specific video games, then you should consider replacing the graphic card.

If you’re looking for a way to fix this problem, you might want to read more about it. Here are some examples.

When the computer starts to crash, you’ll get an error message. You may also notice that the screen becomes completely white. This is known as a “white screen of death.”

This is usually caused by a faulty graphics card, so you need to replace the one that’s inside your computer. To do this, follow the instructions below.

1. Remove the side panel on your computer.

2. Unplug the power cord from your motherboard.

3. Pull the hard drive out of the case and place it in a safe location.

4. Disconnect the battery.

5. Open the back of your computer.

6. Remove the screws holding down the bottom of the motherboard.

7. Lift off the motherboard.

8. Slide the new graphics card into its slot.

9. Replace all of the screws.

10. Plug in the power cable.

11. Reattach the battery.


5. Use Launch Options

If you’re using Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS), then you’ll be happy to know that Google is working on a new feature. This will allow users to choose whether they want to have their phone automatically reboot after the screen goes black.

To turn this off, simply go into Settings, tap “Power,” and scroll down until you reach the “Launch” option. Then, you can select between “Reboot immediately” and “Reboot later.” If you don’t like the idea of rebooting your device right away, then you should consider turning this feature on instead.

In addition, you might also notice that some apps are crashing. When that happens, it’s usually because the developer hasn’t updated his or her app for ICS. To avoid these crashes, make sure that you update all of the apps on your phone before you start using them.

Finally, if your smartphone keeps getting stuck in a white screen, then you need to try restarting the device. You can do this by pressing the power button once, followed by holding down both buttons.

For more tips and tricks, check out our article below.


6. Disable Full-screen Optimizations

If you’re using Windows 10, then you might be interested in the following article. This is a guide that explains how to fix the Elden Ring white screen crash problem.

When you use the Windows 10 operating system, you should know that this program comes with certain built-in features. One of these features is the ability to enable and disable the full-screen mode. If you have the option enabled, then your computer will automatically switch to the full-screen view when you open an application. However, there are times when you want to disable the feature.

You can do this by opening the Settings app and clicking on the Personalization icon. Then, click on Display & Text settings. Scroll down until you find the section titled “Full Screen.” Here, you’ll see a toggle button. Click it to turn off the feature. You won’t need to worry about this anymore.

In conclusion, if you’re having problems while using the Windows 10 operating system, then you may want to check out this article. It will explain how to fix this issue.

This is a guide that helps people to solve their issues. The purpose of this page is to help users to get rid of all kinds of issues.


7. Verify Integrity of Game Files

If you’re looking to make sure that your games work properly, you should download the latest version of the game. If you have any issues, you can try to contact the developer to get help.

When you first install a new video game, you might notice some errors. This is why it’s important to check the integrity of the file before you start playing. You can do this by opening the folder where you installed the game.

You can also go to www.gamefaqs.com and search for the name of the game. Once you find the page, click on the “Report” button. Then, you’ll be able to send the information to the developer.

Once the developer receives the report, they will fix the issue. Hopefully, they won’t need to do anything else. However, you can always ask them to update your copy of the game. In most cases, the developers will respond within 24 hours.

If you want to know more about the game, then you should read some reviews. The best place to look for these is on a site like Metacritic.


8. Reinstall Graphics Driver

If your computer is running slowly, you might be wondering why this is happening. If you’re looking to fix the problem, then keep reading below. This article explains how to solve the issue by installing new drivers.

One of the most common reasons for slow computers is that there’s a conflict between the operating system and the hardware. When the two don’t work together, you end up with an error message. The best way to resolve this type of problem is to install the latest version of the graphics card driver.

When you have a slow computer, you may also notice some white screen errors. There are many different causes for these problems. However, the main one is that your video card isn’t working properly.

You can try to repair the issue yourself by following the steps listed below. You’ll need a few things, including an installation disk, a USB drive, and a recovery partition.

  • Turn off your computer. Wait for at least five minutes before you start the process. Afterward, restart it.
  • Remove all of the internal storage devices from your computer. You should remove any external drives as well.
  • Install Windows 7 on another device, and download a copy of your OS.

Uninstall Graphics Driver

If you have a computer that runs Windows 8, you might be interested in knowing how to fix the white screen of death problem. This can occur when your system crashes while you’re playing a game, watching a movie, or using another application.

This is actually a very common problem, especially since many users are still running old software on their computers. If you want to prevent this from happening, then you should uninstall any unnecessary drivers. You can do this by opening the Control Panel and searching for “Device Manager.” Then click on the Device Manager icon.

From there, you’ll need to select the device that’s causing the problem. Once you’ve done this, you’ll notice a box next to it that says “Driver Details.” Click on the arrow button to expand that section of the window. From here, you can uncheck all the boxes, except the one labeled “Unknown Devices.”

You will also need to close the Device Manager and restart your computer. After you do this, you won’t have any problems with the white screen of death anymore!

Install Graphics Driver

If you’re using Windows 10, then you might be wondering why your computer keeps crashing. If you have a problem like this, then you need to make sure that you install the right drivers for your system. This article will explain how to fix the issue.

You should first try downloading the latest version of the Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable Package. You can do this by opening the Start menu and typing “visual c++” into the search box. After you’ve downloaded the package, you’ll need to run it.

Afterward, you should restart your PC. Once you do so, you can open up Device Manager. Then, look for any errors that are related to the video card. If you find one, then click on the error and press the Fix button.

This is all you need to do in order to resolve the crash. But, if you want to ensure that your system runs smoothly at all times, you may also wish to check your registry.

In the Registry Editor, navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Drivers\.


9. Update Windows

Windows 10 is the latest operating system from Microsoft. If you have been using the OS since its release, then you might be interested in knowing that a new security flaw was recently discovered. The vulnerability could allow hackers to gain access to your computer, and steal information.

In order for this issue to occur, you need to open an email attachment and click on the link within the message. Once you do so, you will download a file. This file contains malicious code, which can infect your computer. In most cases, this means that the malware will start installing itself onto your machine.

Microsoft has released a patch to fix the problem. However, it’s important to make sure that you are running the latest version of the software. You should also perform regular updates to ensure that you’re protected against any other issues.

If you want to learn more about this specific bug, then you may find the article below useful. It explains how this particular attack works, and what steps you can take to protect yourself.

The reason why I’m telling you all of this is because there are many people who are still using Windows 7, 8, or even older versions. So, if your PC has an old operating system installed on it, then you should update it. Otherwise, you risk getting hacked.


10. Allow Elden Ring to Your Antivirus

I have been using the free version of the Elden Ring software. This is a great program that allows you to protect your computer from viruses, spyware, adware, etc. However, this also means that the program will run automatically whenever you start up your PC. Unfortunately, sometimes the program does strange things when it runs. For example, it might crash the entire system, and you won’t be able to use your computer until you restart it manually.

If you want to avoid these problems, then you should disable the automatic launch feature. You can do this by right-clicking the icon in the taskbar and selecting Properties. Then, click on the Launch button at the bottom of the window. Next, check off the box next to “Disable all programs.”

When you’re finished, you’ll need to reboot your PC. After that, you shouldn’t encounter any more crashes.

This is just one of many reasons why you should make sure to update your anti-virus program regularly. It’s a good idea to keep up with the latest updates so that you don’t accidentally expose yourself to a new threat. If you have questions about how to do this, then feel free to ask me in the comments section below!

Disable Windows Defender

If you’re using an old computer, you might be wondering why your system keeps crashing. You could have a problem with hardware, but that’s unlikely since you still use a mouse, keyboard, monitor, etc. If you’ve tried everything to fix the issue, you should contact the manufacturer of the device.

However, if you suspect that there is a software error on your machine, then you need to disable the Windows Defender antivirus program. This will prevent the virus from launching, and you’ll no longer get the crash.

You can do this by opening the Start menu and typing “Windows Defender” into the search box. Once you open the window, click the Settings link in the lower-right corner of the screen, then select Options.

Once you reach the options page, look for the tab labeled Scanner. Click on the button next to it, which says Disabled, to turn off the scanner.

After you do this, restart your PC. When you log back in, the malware won’t launch anymore.

This method also works for other programs that might cause crashes, such as Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Edge, and more.

Add Elden Ring to the Exclusions

You know how to add a new exclusion to your iPhone, but you don’t know how to remove an old one. That’s why you need to learn how to use the white screen crash feature.

If you’re having trouble with the white screen crash, then you’ll want to check whether you have the latest version of iOS installed on your phone. If you do, then you should be able to access the settings menu and make changes. You can also go into the “About” section and tap on the “General” tab. From there, you can choose to update to the newest version of iOS.

Once you’ve done that, then you can head back to your home screen and try to open the app that caused the problem. This will force Apple to load the program onto your device. Once it does, you’ll get a message telling you that the error has been fixed.

Now, when you next encounter the issue, you won’t have to worry about having to delete an old exclusion from your iPhone.

This method works best if you’re using an older model of iOS, since newer versions of the operating system no longer require you to perform this step.

Allow Elden Ring Through Windows Firewall

Windows 10 has been released to the public, but the update is causing many users to have issues. One of the biggest problems that users are having with the new operating system is a white screen crash. This problem occurs when you try to open your computer, and all you get is a blank screen.

It seems like this issue is affecting everyone who wants to use the latest version of Windows. If you want to know how to fix this problem, then keep reading. Here are some solutions to help you resolve this issue.

First, you need to make sure that you’re running a clean installation of the operating system. You should always delete your old files before installing any updates. After that, you can download the newest version from the Microsoft website.

You also need to make sure that you have enough free space on your hard drive. The more room that you give yourself, the better. Make sure that you don’t allow any programs to take up too much of your storage.

If you still run into trouble after following these steps, then it might be time for a complete reinstall. It’s possible that there was a virus on your machine. In this case, you’ll need to restore everything from scratch.


11. Reinstall Elden Ring

If you’re looking to get rid of your EldenRing crash error, you should know that the solution is pretty easy. The problem occurs when you install the wrong version of the game on your computer. To fix this, you need to go into the folder where you installed the game. Then, you’ll have to uninstall the old version of the game and download a new one from the official website.

You can use the instructions below to remove the older version of the game. If you want more information, you can visit the link at the end of the article.

1. Go to Start > All Programs

2. Click on Accessories and then System Tools

3. Select Command Prompt and press Enter

4. Type in the following command:

C:\>cd C:\Program Files\Electronic Arts\The Sims 3

5. Press Enter

6. Delete all files with the name “ts3” and replace them with the newest ones

7. Right-click on the TS3 folder, select Properties and then click on Permissions. Check that you are allowed to delete any subfolders or files in this location.

8. Now, right-click on the TS3 folder and select Rename. Change its name to something else.

Final Thought

Today, we will tell you how to fix the white screen of death. It is a very common problem for beginners. It is caused by a software problem. The software problem occurs when the software crashes. So, we need to download the right software. Then, we need to install it. After installation, we need to restart the system. Then, we need to check if the software is working fine or not. If it is not working, then we need to remove it and install it again.