Easily “Fix Taskeng.exe Keeps Popping up Issue” on Windows. Taskeng.exe is a program that some people have seen in their task manager and it might be using up resources as well, so today we are going to talk about how you can get rid of this process from taking over your computer!


Fix Taskeng.exe Keeps Popping up Issue


Fix taskeng.exe keeps popping up issue on Windows


Step 1: Manually Delete Taskeng.Exe Files

You can manually delete the taskeng.exe and files related to it by following the steps mentioned below;


  1. To get to the Control Panel, click on your Windows Start Menu and navigate to it. This will show you a list of all available options in one place!


Manually Delete Taskeng.Exe Files


  1. When the window appears, click on “Add or Remove Programs”.

A Control Panel will appear in front of you with various options for installing programs installed onto your computer; find this menu and select it to continue installation process

3. To remove taskeng.exe, go to the “Currently installed programs” window and select it from there before choosing change or remove options as needed!

4.To remove unwanted files, navigate to the following directories from your run prompt and select “view.” Then search for any file having a similar extension. Click on it three                 times until they disappear!

Manually Delete Taskeng.Exe Files


  1. When you are finished with all of the steps, it is time to reboot your computer.


 Step 2: Remove System Junk files

Taskeng.exe error is a common issue for many computer users and can be the outcome of unused system junk files that pile up in windows drive over time, causing your PC to run slower than before with increased load on its components such as memory storage capacity (RAM). You may remove these unnecessary resource intensive elements by using Windows’ built-in disk cleanup utility which comes preinstalled onto all Microsoft® operating systems since it has been found out through research what kindles problems when there are more open programs/ports simultaneously taking away resources from each other resulting into slow loading speed among others things!

Remove System Junk files


Junk files are an unnecessary byproduct of your daily activities. To delete them, follow these steps below!


  1. To get started, press “CTRL+SHIFT” and hold them until they turn blue. Next select Yes from the permission dialog box that appears on your screen!

2. To start your computer, type “run” in the start menu and search window. Click on cleanmgr to execute this task as well!


Remove System Junk files



  1. When the Disk Cleanup window appears, click on Drive C to reveal how much space can be reclaimed. There are several options for what type of files you want cleaned up including Temporary Internet Files and other miscellaneous items that may not necessarily go into one category.


Step 3: Reinstall Microsoft Office 

Taskeng.exe errors can arise for various reasons, such as a corrupt Windows registry key associated with tasking or due to some software issues like those found in Microsoft Office which may have been installed at the same time and caused this problem when trying install promotion pack update 1 from windows vista promotional package. In order resolve your issue quickly just uninstall all related applications including MS office until its resolved

Follow the instructions given below to successfully remove that software. In our case, MS Office was found the culprit behind this issue therefore we’ll be indexing the uninstallation method of it below:


  1. To access the Control Panel, type “control panel” into your Start menu.

2.When you click “ Programs and Features” a new window will appear in front of us, so that we may select the program or feature.


Reinstall Firefox Browser

  1. Find the programs that are related to “taskeng.exe” like Microsoft Office, select it and choose Uninstall option from menu bar on top of program window


press button “X” if located inside ribbon interface

  1. Be sure to reboot your system after uninstalling MS Office in order for the issue not be present anymore.

5.When you’re able to resolve the problem, reinstall MS Office and get back on track.


Step 4: Disable User Feed Synchronization (UFS)

Taskeng.exe is the main cause of many users’ errors, but disabling one task can turn out to be useful for you! Follow these instructions carefully and your problem should go away:


  1. To find out how to create a task, click on the Start button and type “task scheduler” in search bar. When you press Enter button then this window will open up for your viewing pleasure!

2. Select the “Task Scheduler Library” option in left-hand side menu. A list of tasks will appear on your screen, select yours to access it’s details and then right click or tap                          ‘Choose’. You can also create new task if desired by selecting “New Task” from within this window.

3.To easily find all of your task notifications, make sure that the Show Hidden Tasks option is enabled under “View.”

4. To expand the “Name” column list and locate an option for User_Feed_Synchronization, select it with ease. Clicking on History will take you right in there!

5.To find the cause of your error, go back to History and expand Date/Time. If there are a lot error that occur every five minutes in this section, it could be because you’ve got                  something scheduled on either date or time!

6.When you complete all the tasks, close Task Scheduler and reboot your computer.


Step 5: Reinstalling the Taskeng.exe file

Taskeng.exe is the main cause of many users’ errors, but disabling one task can turn out to be useful for you! Follow these instructions carefully and your problem should go away:


  1. To get started, start your computer in safe mode by pressing F8 when it starts up. This will bring you into the ‘Safe Mode with Networking’ environment where you can see many different options for accessing Windows Services and programs that may not have been available otherwise without being connected to an internet connection or service provider’s network assets – like Netflix!

2. To permanently delete a file, empty the “Recycle Bin”.

3. To reinstall the Taskeng.exe file, run SFC by pressing “Windows + R” and typing cmd in prompt box that appears on your screen; then click OK button after installation is                     complete

4.The installation process should take less than 10 minutes to complete. Once it’s done, you’ll be able use Command Prompt with no issues whatsoever!


Step 6: Scan System using Antivirus Software

Taskeng.exe errors are often caused by viruses, so if you have a problem with your computer and see ” Task Engaging” in blue letters on the screen then don’t panic! First try scanning yourself using authentic antivirus software to remove any infections related this program file or similar problems like deleted files from %System Drive%.


  1. Without good antivirus software, your computer can become unstable and slow. The best way to protect yourself from viruses is by using a quality product that will keep everything running smoothly on the desktop or laptop you’re using at any given time – even if it’s just checking email!

2.One of the most important features in an antivirus software is that it not only deals with viruses and Trojans, but also helps to keep your system running smoothly.

3.This article will walk you through the process of removing an infected system file in order to fix your Taskeng.exe error message, using AVG antivirus software as well!


The first thing that needs doing is downloading and installing their free version onto your  computer or mobile device if they don’t already have it installed…


Step 7: Perform a Windows Update


Updating your Windows operating system is the best way to resolve many taskeng.exe error messages that arise due an obsolete version of Microsoft’s latest software! To update, follow these steps:

1) On startup select “Troubleshoot” from menu or press CTRL+OPTN + U key combo

2) Now choose Advanced Options

3) Click on settings

4) Then click Update now

5) Click Yes if asked whether you want save changes.


Block Office Background Task Handler Registration


To resolve the Taskeng.exe error, you will need to temporarily disable Microsoft Office’s “OfficeBackgroundTaskHandler Registration” from your task scheduler settings until this issue has been resolved. If indeed it is an issue related with MSABHLCP and/or explorer shell Execution processes, then we recommend downloading this tool which may help fix any possible causes of spawning too many threads or Processes within these programs.


  1. To open the Run dialog box, press simultaneously both “Windows + R” keys on your keyboard.

2. Type ‘’taskschd.msc” in the dialog box and press “Enter” to begin managing tasks!

3.Type ‘’taskschd.msc” in the dialog box and press “Enter” to begin managing tasks!

4. In order to install the latest version of Microsoft Office, expand “Microsoft-Window Task Scheduler Library” and then double click on “Office.”

5.The Office Background Task Registration is a program that allows for the easy management and execution of tasks in Microsoft Word. It can be disabled by selecting “Disable”             from right-side options section when registering it with Windows Push Notifications or using COM objects created within OneNote.


Step 9: Remove Rocket Tab error


Taskeng.exe errors are often caused by viruses, so if you have a problem with your computer and see ” Task Engaging” in blue letters on the screen then don’t panic! First try scanning yourself using authentic antivirus software to remove any infections related this program file or similar problems like deleted files from System Drive.


  1. In order to successfully remove the Taskeng.exe error, follow these instructions and make sure that you have updated your antivirus software!

2.To open the task manager, press “Alt + Ctrl + Del” keys simultaneously. This will take you to a page where all of your processes are listed in one place with their status                            information displayed right next to it!

3. To find the taskeng.exe file, right-click on it and choose “Open File Location” from your menu options

4. This path should be the same as indexed below and if it’s not similar, then there’s probably a virus: I’m sorry to say that this sounds like someone has gone through quite an                extensive effort just so they could have some humorous words printed on their page.

5. If you have been noting an suspicious file on your computer, follow “Solution 6” to remove it.


STEP 10: Remove Suspicious Tasks

Programs that can cause this problem are scheduled tasks. You may stop these programs with the help of software and follow these steps to remove them:


  1. To get started, download Auto runs by clicking here.

2. The installation process will be a breeze if you follow these simple steps.

3.To quickly find and remove the task that are hanging out in your schedule, look for any tasks with an unusual image path. i.e., File not found!

4.If the problem persists, try rebooting your computer after performing all of these steps. The odds are good that it will be fixed by now but if not proceed on to fix number two                below!


STEP 11: Remove Taskeng.exe Pop-Up Error From Your Browser

Taskeng.exe is a program that could be the cause of pop-up errors in internet browsers, so it’s best to reset your browser settings if you’re experiencing these pesky boxes and windows advertisements on websites across all platforms!

Mozilla Firefox Users:


  1. To install an add-on or theme for Firefox, click on the menu icon in your top right corner and select “Ad dons & Themes.”

2. When you find an extension that is questionable, remove it. Now go to the “Extensions” option and look for any doubtful extensions installed on your browser – if present                      then   simply click ‘Remove’.

3. You may need to try some different things before getting the hang of it. Click on your menu icon and go straight down “Help” then select “More troubleshooting information.”

4.You can fix Firefox problems by refreshing the browser. Click “Troubleshooting Information” and follow these steps: Click ‘Refresh Firefox,’ then accept all prompts in order to           update it newest version of your favorite web program!

5.When you are finished with the procedure, click “Finish”.


Google Chrome Users:

  1. To access your settings, click on the menu icon in Google Chrome and then choose “Settings”.

2. To prevent malware from installing on your computer, go to the extensions option in Windows and remove all suspicious plugins.

3. Click on the menu icon and go to settings. In this new window, you will find an option for “Advanced” in left rail of page; click it Diesel Engineering Spanish speakers can use                when they want their voice heard!

4. When you get to the end of our list and see “Reset & Clean Up,” click it. Then select ‘Restore Settings To Their Original Defaults’ in order for a dialog box asking if we can reset                these settings back how they were before – choose that option!

5. You can now go back to Google Chrome’s default settings and most likely your issue would’ve been resolved by now.