Are you looking for a solution to fix the eso error 307 booted from server issue while playing the elder scrolls online game? You are spot on! We have three solutions that will assuredly solve the error.

The elder scroll game came seven years ago, and it was not free to play. You have to buy a monthly subscription for playing it. Due to the paid subscription, it didn’t gain much popularity before by the gamers. But now, you can play with the non-subscription period.

Moreover, this game is popular now because it is available on Xbox one and ps4 as well. There is a huge crowd now playing the elder scrolls online.

What Is ESO Error 307 Booted From Server?

This error will occur on the game’s main menu, and the notification will pop up as the booted from sever. When this error appears, you cannot continue or resume the game. The error will close the game session that you were playing, and it will take you to the main menu.

Eso Error 307 Booted From Server – 3 Solutions To Fix It!

So what is meant by the eso error 307 booted from the server? This error could occur on any laptop or PC. Furthermore, the error 307 can occur on the Xbox one and ps4 consoles as well. Whether you have a stable internet connection or not, you can face this error.

In rare cases, the error can occur due to the poor internet connection. However, if the internet connection is stable and you face the error 307 issues, check our solutions and other common causes below.

Common Cause Of Eso Error 307 Booted Server

There could multiple causes of the eso error booted server. However, the most common reason is the faulty add-ons in the game.

Moreover, the add-on that the gamers buy online or download is the cause of the error. Apart from that, you have to check which is the right cause of eso error 307.

How To Fix The Eso Error 307 Booted From Server?

When error 307 occurs, you cannot play the game. You will not be allowed to play the game when the error occurs. Furthermore, you will take back to the lobby of the elder scrolls game. Don’t worry; we will tell you some of the solutions to fix the eso error 307.

More than that, the error could be occurring due to the add-ons. On the other side, the eso error 307 could occur due to the console of Xbox and PS4. For instance, you can fix this issue of 307 error with the restoro repair tool.

Besides that, if you want to solve the method eso error 307 with easy methods, then check the other solutions below:

Solution No.1 – Launch The Game After Some Time

The easiest and simplest solution to solve the eso error 307 2020 is restarting the game after some time. For instance, you can close the elder scrolls game and wait for a few minutes. It is necessary to wait for 15 to 20 minutes and then restart the game.

As well as, several users have fixed the eso server issues, and you should give it a try as well. If this solution doesn’t work, you can move to the next solution. Scroll below!

Solution No.2 – ESO add-ons should be disabled if you are using a PC

One of the common reasons for error 307 is the add-ons ESO. You can solve this problem. Though it is not easy to handle this error due to add-ons, there could be instability in the specs of the elder scrolls online game. Subsequently, you have to remove the Eso add-ons to solve the issue of add-ons.

Below we’ll tell you the steps that you can follow to disable the 307 eso-add-ons:

  • You have to type the PC eso add-ons on the taskbar of windows. Now, select this to open it.
  • Next, you have to click on the documents folder and find the ESO file.
  • Further, you have to open the file and Look for the LIVE option if you are using the PC in the north server. Other than that, you have to open the MEGASERVER if you are using the European server.
  • Now you have to find the folder of adds-on. You have to copy the files and place them in another folder.
  • Try to start the game once again and check if the eso error status is resolved or not.

Solution No.3 – Allot a Static IP

You can easily fix this problem by allotting the static IP. Below we will tell the way to allot static IP to PS4 and Xbox One.


Firstly, you have to switch on the PS4 and then check the settings. Once you are there, navigate the network options, and then you must view the status connection. Is the connection connected or not?

Further, you need to locate the IP settings. You will find the IP settings in the advanced settings. For instance, you can go to the notepad and note the IP code. Also, you can take a screenshot or note it down.

Now you can close the window of settings. Lastly, you have to restart the game and check if the error is gone or not.

Xbox One

For solving the eso error 307: booted from server Xbox one follow these steps:

Firstly, you have to turn on the console of the Xbox and open settings.

Now you need to navigate the option of network connections. From the network settings, you have to open the advanced settings.

You will find the IP settings in the advanced settings. For instance, you can go to the notepad and note the IP code. Also, you can take a screenshot or note it down.

Next, you have to find the MAC address. It will be somewhere below the settings of IP. On the other side, you have to enter the 12 digits code from the internet connection or hotspot you are using.

After that, you have to open the internet browser or google and type the gateway. Press enter.

For moving on to the next step, you must have access to the router. Likewise, you can have that access by entering the username as well as a passcode. After entering it, you will be redirected to the router.

Furthermore, you must press the done button once you are on the router and enable the manual assignment option.

On the other hand, you need to navigate the IP address and Mac address that you noted before or took a screenshot. Apart from that, you have to start the game again. With this method, most of the users fixed the eso error 307 booted from the server for Xbox one.

To Sum Up

Here we have guided how to fix the eso error 307 booted from sever. Hopefully, now you can easily fix this error. However, if the error is still occurring, you can contact the customer care services of ESO.

You can ask other queries in the comment section. If you have another method of solving the eso error 307 booted from the server issue, we’d like to know that. Thank you for visiting us!