The error is occurring on the two most famous video streaming sites, and many people are earning by posting entertaining videos.

Some of the users said that the smores and engagement sites are being blocked by the But we have figured out some solutions that you can easily try. Let’s start!

Fix:Error 3835 on Smores.TV and Engageme.TV
Fix:Error 3835 on Smores

How to Fix: Error 3835 on Smores.TV and Engageme.TV

Before we move on to the solutions for fixing the error, let us tell you that some countries have access to the Therefore, If you live in any of the country from the below given list, you have to use an alternative that is access

  • Canada
  • United States
  • Australia
  • United kingdom
  • New Zealand
  • Germany
  • Denmark
  • Ireland
  • Norway
  • Sweden
  • Netherlands

If you are residing in these countries, you will not have access to at a particular time.

Solution 1 – Disable The VPN Site And Proxy Settings

One of the most common causes of this error is using VPN and proxy sites. You have to disable the VPN by the following steps:

  1.  Open the Start Menu by pressing the Windows key + S (on the keyboard).
  2.  Type the following in the Search field: ‘Task Manager’.
  3.  Click on ‘Search’.
  4.  Locate and click on the task named ‘Panda Cloud Service Proxy’
  5.  Right click on it and then click ‘End Task’
  6. Click on ‘Open Task Manager’, and then on ‘Processes’
  7.  Click on the ‘Processes’ button.
  8. Select the item ‘Panda Cloud Service Proxy’ and then right click on it and click ‘end process’
  9. Click on ‘Open Task Manager’ again and then on ‘Processes’
  10. Click on the ‘Processes’ button
  11.  Select the ‘Panda Cloud Service Proxy’ process and then click ‘end process’
  12.  Click on ‘Open Task Manager’ once more and then on ‘Processes’
  13.  Click on the ‘Processes’ button
  14.  Select the ‘Citrix Client Services’ process and then right click on it and click ‘end process’
  15.  Click on ‘Close’ to close the Task Manager 16. Close the Start Menu

For disabling the proxy, follow these steps:

  1. You have to open the window of the run and then open the control panel. You have to search for the network and other internet connections.
  2. Check for the internet options in that section.
  3. Now go to the connections and press on the LAN settings. You have to change the LAN settings for disabling the proxy.
  4. Now go on the proxy server of LAN and then de-select it. You have to click on the OK button and disable the servers of all the proxy settings.
  5. After altering the settings, you can check if the error of 3835 is occurring or not.

Solution 2 – Disable The Hardware Acceleration

For disabling the hardware acceleration, you have to follow these steps:

  1. Click on the three dot icons that are located on the corner, and now you can click on google chrome. Open the settings from the window of google chrome and now browse through the settings.
  2. You have to press on the screen from the top side and now press on the hardware acceleration from disabling it. Also, you have to click on the hardware acceleration if it’s still enabled. You have to change the settings by relaunching it.
  3. Press on the relaunching browser and check if the error is gone or not.

Solution 3 – Monitor The Hardware Settings

If the above two solutions did not work, you could go to monitor the hardware settings. Besides, you can check if the gadgets on the are working or not.

You also have to check if the build quality is utilized. Sometimes the gadgets are causing issues, and you might be banned from your ID. Also, ensure that the gadgets are not causing any errors. Besides, you have to check whether the error 3835 is still occurring or not.

Solution 4 – Check If You Are Not Banned From Your Account

There are chances that you might be banned from your account. For checking any fraudulent mechanism, you have to ensure that your ID is not banned. Sometimes the ID gets mistakenly prohibited, and you have to request to bring your ID back.

The account will not be blocked permanently. You have to check your account details by clicking on the button of the request from the corner on the site. You have to send a request regarding your account information over here.


How Can I Fix The Error Of 3835 Easily?

We have mentioned four methods in our guide that you can try to fix the error.

In short, you can disable the proxy or VPN. Moreover, you can try to disable the hardware acceleration and monitor it. Also, check that you aren’t banned from mistakenly from the site.

Why Is The Error 3835 On Smores? TV And Engageme.TV Occurring?

The error 3834 on smores and engagement could occur when you are using VPN or any other proxy site in the multiple tabs. We recommend you to use the site in one tab only.

To Sum Up

Are you still facing the issue of 3835 on smores and engageme tv? You can now consult the support of the Furthermore, you can check the above-mentioned solutions one more time. Solve the issues by following the methods in a proper way.

However, you can take assistance from the The team of hideout will contact you shortly. Furthermore, you have to ask the query in the right way, and then hideout will recommend the possible suggestions.

In fact, you will know the solutions that will help you in the future as well. Hopefully, now the error is resolved from your computer. Thanks for the read, and share our guide with other fellows!