Our guide will explain how to fix: unexpected store exception error on windows 10. You are not the only one fronting this error blue screen of death. It has scared several users, but we will help you out with several possible methods.

Methods To Fix: Unexpected Store Exception Error On Windows

Before we start the methods to solve the error, let us describe the possible causes of this exception error. Usually, this exception error occurs when you are using the computer under the following circumstances:

  • This error comes due to some issues in the hard disk drive and solid state drive. You will have the error while gaming.
  • You will frequently see the error when there is an issue with the hardware. Besides, you will have a faulty driver due to which the error is occurring.
  • Sometimes the error is occurring because your device is not booted.
  • Some of the users said they have a critical process died error with this issue when restarting any program.
  • Most of the time, software bugs can cause this error.
  • You might have installed an antivirus on your computer.

Above all, it can occur when you usually are using a computer. There are higher chances that your hardware is having some issue, or the graphics card is not working properly, due to which you have the unexpected store exception error.

6 Methods To Fix The Error

Fix No.1: Uninstall The Antivirus Software In Your Computer

You have to uninstall the antivirus software on your computer to resolve the unexpected store exception windows 10 while gaming. Especially if you have McAfee’s antivirus software, then the chances of error are higher.

You need to remove the antivirus software. Other than that, windows ten already have windows defender software preinstalled in it. You have to disable it.

Fix. No: 2 Check The Hardware Of Your System

Fix: Unexpected Store Exception Error On Windows
Unexpected Store Exception

To resolve the store exception error, you need to check your hard drive. If it’s already installed, make sure it’s connected properly. Some users said that after replacing their hard drives or solid state drives, the error was resolved. If you still don’t see any solution after checking your hard drive, try restarting your computer.

Fix No.3: Check The Health Of Your Solid State Drive And Hard Disk

Next, we have the method for checking the health of your solid-state drive and hard disk. There is the quickest way to check the health of the disk on windows 10.

  1. From the PowerShell of right-click windows, you must enter the command – wmic and then click on the enter key.
  2. Now you have to wait for a few minutes until the wmic command is completed.
  3. You have to type the disk drive command then click on the enter button from the keyboard.

Now you will have the OK command if the hard disk health is fine. Besides, if there is an issue with the health of SSD or HD, you will be retrieved to the smart information. If there is some issue with the HD, you have to transfer your data to its right functioning.

Fix No.4: Scan The System For The Corrupt Files

To check If there are any corrupt files on the computer or not, you have to follow these steps:

  1. On the start windows, you have to right-click.
  2. Now choose the option of PowerShell.
  3. Now you have to see if the user account protection is prompted or not.
  4. Over there, you have to type SFC/scannow and then click on the enter key.
    Fix: Unexpected Store Exception Error On Windows
    Unexpected Store Exception

The commands you have given to the device will check if there is any issue with the files. All the errors will be scanned, and you will not have any problem with windows 10.

Fix No.5: Run The Disk Check Utility

Next, we have the disk check utility fixation method. You will have to check the health of your hard disk to prevent all the errors.

  1. Click on the windows start and go to the PowerShell admin. It is necessary that you choose the options command prompt with the access of the administrator.
  2. Now press on the yes option from the user account protection.
  3. In the given space, you have to enter chkdsk and click on the enter key.
    Fix: Unexpected Store Exception Error On Windows
    Unexpected Store Exception

When you are using this method, you have to reboot the device. The computer will be completely scanned, and you can check if there are any other issues or not. Ensure there are no other errors on the computer. With this method, you can easily fix all the errors on windows 10.

Fix No.6: Check For Driver And Windows Updates

Fix: Unexpected Store Exception Error On Windows
Unexpected Store Exception

The next method is for updating the windows, and you will have the quickest way to solve the errors. If you are using the old drivers for a long time, the screen might get blue and cause the exception error. Therefore, whenever you get the updates, ensure to install them. The pc needs updates, so all the bugs don’t cause any error.
The updated drivers will make improvements in the whole system, and you can follow these steps:

  1. Press the start button.
  2. Go to settings
  3. You have to click on the updates and security settings.
  4. Now choose the option of updating the windows on the left pane.
  5. You have to ensure that the windows have updated drivers, and you can press the install now button.

To Sum Up

We are hoping that you will have a convenient method for fixing the errors after reading our guide. Not only that, we have mentioned the simplest steps, so there is no issue to follow them. It is the most common error that your fellows will face at some point while using windows 10. So share our guide with others as well. Thanks for the read!