Users have reported getting the “Fix Destiny 2 Error Code Saxophone on Windows” while trying to connect or launch into their game. The error is related mostly to the internet and networking-related issues, but we’ve found that there might be some other reasons behind its occurrence as well- such as a weak connection from your ISP for example!


What causes the destiny 2 error code saxophone?


We were able to fix this issue for most of our users, but before we inform you about the solution and due reasons why it occurs in the first place – let me show some screenshots.

We got an email from one of them right away saying “I am experiencing laggy performance… could not find any information on Google so sent over a ticket anyways hoping someone can help out here since there isn’t much visibility without posting problems publicly.”  We agree with him 100%! So what causes these kinds of symptoms? Well-read below:


 Missing Admin Permissions:

If you are experiencing issues with your Destiny 2 game, it may be because the Admin permissions haven’t been given. We suggest trying to provide these and then checking if they fix up any problems regarding error codes on saxophones!


Logged Out:

In some cases, you might not have logged in properly due to which the issue starts occurring. So we suggest that before checking if doing so lets your fix this problem by logging in and seeing what happens!


Now that you have been taken through the reasons due to which the issue occurs, it is time that you start implementing the solutions that we have mentioned below on your Windows Computer.

Easily Fix Destiny 2 Error Code Saxophone on Windows 


Method 1: Make Sure You Own the Game

You may have encountered an issue with your computer and might need to restart it. After you do that, open up “Battle Net” by clicking on its shortcut in the start menu or going into settings where there should be a symbol similar looking to this one (icon). If these solutions don’t work, then try purchasing another license from within their system; they offer them at very affordable prices!


Method 2: Grant Administrator Privileges

  1. The “” icon or executable file should look like this when you’re done with the Properties window. Click on it to activate your license key!


Fix Destiny 2 Error Code Saxophone on Windows 


  1. Once you have finished installing all of the necessary programs, navigate over to Compatibility and checkmark that box associated with Run this program as an administrator. Click on Apply then OK when prompted by Yes men about saving changes before closing the window. The above passage may be more engaging if it were worded differently


Grant Administrator Privileges


  1. To see if the issue is resolved, close all of your windows and launch our game!


Method 3: Delete CVAR Files


  1. If you want to make sure that your computer is not taking up resources for unnecessary programs, try closing any process related with Destiny 2.


  1. To open File Explorer, press “Windows + E” keys simultaneously. In the address bar type in this command and hit enter: Watermark-free photo editing made easy with just a few clicks


  1. The files you are looking for should be located in your homelab’s “cstrike/ directory. Search through these folders until you find two separate Configurations Vars (.CVAR) files – delete them both so they cannot get into any trouble!


  1. If you’re still getting the Destiny 2 error code saxophone, try refreshing your PC and launching again.


Method 4: Reinstall Destiny 2


  1. To open File Explorer, press the “Windows + E” keys simultaneously. In the address bar type in this command and hit enter: Watermark-free photo editing made easy with just a few clicks


Reinstall Destiny 2


  1. The list of installed programs on your device will appear in front of you and from there right-click to uninstall it with one quick motion, eliminating any chance that this program could be exited without being deleted completely through regular use or improper closing procedures such as pressing “X” when offered the option


Reinstall Destiny 2

Now press the Windows logo key + R buttons to open up your Run prompt. Type each of these addresses and delete all contents in their respective folders:

  • %APPDATA%\
  • \User Data\
  • OLD
  1. Finally restart your PC, download and install the latest version of Destiny 2 from here and see if the issue still persists.


Method 5: Re-Login to Blizzard Account


  1. Copy and paste the following link on your browser:
  2. Click on “My Account” at the top right corner of the screen and log in to your account.


Re-Login to Blizzard Account

  1. After that, launch your game and see if the issue is resolved and if the problem still persists there is no need to panic, follow the last method stated below.


Method 6: Restart Game & PC

  1. Press the “Ctrl + Shift + Esc” keys combination to open Task Manager and make sure there is no running process related to Destiny 2 and if it is so end that process.
  2. Now shut down your PC and wait for a couple of minutes.
  1. Restart your PC and then most probably the issue would be rectified.



Hopefully, you’d be able to overcome the error by now but if you continue to struggle with the same error then you may Contact Us here and we will further look into the problem for you.