In our blog post, we will present the accurate covenant eyes app review in detail. Moreover, you will know how to download this application on the phone and what features it will provide in the paid and free trial period. Best of all, you will have the covenant app’s wide compatibility with iOS, android, mac, and other devices.

This software is not spam, and it will restrict the content from several sites, including YouTube.

We will also share the main features and their good and ruthless sides for your easiness.

Are you unsure how does covenant eyes work? Read on!

Covenant Eyes App Review; Is This Software Right For You Or Your Family?
Covenant Eyes App

Covenant Eyes App Review – Best Accountability Software 2021

You must have heard about the covenant accountability software from others. This app is one of the most superior websites in the whole market that will provide screen accountability. Besides, this application is great for users trying to reduce the habit of watching porn content or keeping an eye on their children.

We have tested this application, and it will work completely fine for blocking inappropriate content and monitoring the activities of the screen online as well as offline. If you doubt using this app, you can choose a trial period of 30 days.

Your membership will not be canceled after 30 days, do it manually if you don’t want to pay the charges.

What Is Covenant Eyes App?

The covenant eyes app is software that runs in the background on any device. You can monitor every second of the screen. It will provide screenshots for all the moments when the content is not appropriate.

You will have the best way to detect the other person’s screen. However, you will receive blurred content on your phone. It will send the screenshot to any person whom you trust. It will provide membership to 10 persons at the same time.

A useful feature of this covenant application is that you will have the content shown on the screen with the URL. So it will not slow your browsing in any aspect. Moreover, it will capture the content even if you are watching anything offline.

The covenant eyes will provide the filtering technology for all the adult and porn sites. You will receive an immediate notification when people linked with the app are trying to view any pornographic content. This application is compatible with android, iOS, windows, and MAC devices.

What Is The Cost Covenant Per Month?

The pricing of the covenant is a bit tricky to understand. Covenant is offering various packages to buy. However, the monthly charges of the covenant are 16 dollars. You will have the filtering services as well as accountability. Other than that, you will have the option to download covenant on various devices.

No doubt, 16 dollars for covenant is reasonable than other paid restricting applications. It will be beneficial for the whole family if you are buying the complete package. Besides, the application will be free to use for 30 days.

You need to sign up for using the application, but you will be charged after 30 days if you don’t unsubscribe it.

What Does Covenant Do?

Below are the two major functions of the covenant app that makes it worth buying.

1.      Covenant Will Block All The Porn Sites

It is the most useful apps that will filter porn sites. You can easily block the adult content for securing your kids. In fact, it will provide restricted modes for several apps. With this site, you can now have clean browsing, and it will be website blocking for all the sites with pornographic content.

With this application, you will have two different options. For instance, it will provide the family blocking feature and the adult blocking feature. You have to manage the features by going to the web dashboard and then enter the managing member tab. Now click on the filtering icon.

In the adult blocking, you will have the safe searching mode turned on. You will have the secure option for blocking the mixed content from all the websites. In fact, it comes with the restriction for youtube and other similar sites.

And that’s not all; it will provide the custom blocking feature if you get often distracted by a particular site.

2.      Monitors The Screen Activities

The main feature of the covenant eyes is screen accountability. You will have an idea of what is going behind the screen to check other family members. Moreover, you can share the report with other family members as well.

Furthermore, you will have the blurred images on your screen, and they will be sent on your phone at the given email address. You can discuss the issues with the partner if they are caught watching any pornographic content.

Another great thing about the covenant is that you can install it on various devices. The members of the covenant can be up to 10.

Is Covenant Downloadable On iOS And Android Devices?

Yes, the covenant is downloadable on iOS and Android devices. However, some of the consumers said that the covenant works very slowly on the android phone. Due to some bug issues, the covenant app works slowly.

Is Covenant Useful For Restricting Youtube Videos?

Many people ask that will covenant to restrict the adult content from youtube or not? No doubt, youtube is the most used application for watching all kinds of videos worldwide. The covenant will restrict the sexual content from Youtube.

The app will convert youtube and other apps in the restricted mode. You will have a convenient way to add the porn content in the report section from youtube.

Pros And Cons Of Convenant App

Pros Of Covenant Eyes

  • Convenient to use
  • Blocks the porn and adult sites
  • Works on all kinds of devices
  • Gives detailed information
  • Best customer service
  • Free trial of 30 days

Cons Of Covenant Eyes

  • High price tag
  • It makes the android device slow.

Is Covenant Good For My Family?

The covenant is excellent for all family use because it will keep the access away from kids of all the adult sites.

Best of all, the covenant app has won an award by proving to be a useful site. You can provide access to ten family members at the same time. There is no restriction for using the app on multiple devices at the same time.

It provides the screen accountability feature, and you can easily monitor what kids are watching. This app has a special feature, and you can easily prevent the kids from watching 18+ content. The application is downloadable on the iOS, iPhone, Mac book, as well as windows phones.

Below we’re going to explain how to download the covenant app on your phone or any other device.

How To Install Covenant Eyes App On Your Any Device?

  1. You can click here to open the link to a free trial for 30 days. Moreover, you will find a sign-up option on the page, and you can make your account here. You will have the username and password option for the account.
  2. Once you have made the account, you have to add other details, which it will ask.
  3. Now you have to fill the complete process and then go back to the checkout page.
  4. However, you will not be charged for creating an account on the covenant.
  5. One month trial period will be free.
  6. Now you have to download apps from the play store or app store.
  7. The iOS users have to follow some guidelines.
  8. Now you have to turn on the VPN for using this app on android devices.

That’s all, now the covenant will block all adult sites, and you will be using youtube in restricted mode.

How Does Covenant Protect Your Privacy?

The covenant app will protect privacy in the following ways.

  • The covenant will take screenshots, and you will know what site is being used by the kids.
  • It will shrink the image and blurs the adult content. You will receive a notification on your device.
  • Some of the information is blurred because of the personal information of bank statements.
  • It will work offline as well, and the members will be sent notifications in a similar way as it works online.

To Sum Up – Covenant App Review

In the world of tech, if you know everything about a piece of software, then you should know whether it’s worth the effort to keep using it, right? Well, this is why people who know all of Covenant’s secrets should keep using it until it fails. It’s like a best-kept secret – it’s only for families who truly love each other. And, yes, it’s definitely the most popular software among families, as it has tons of amazing features.

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