Alternative to Klarna sites and applications have become famous in recent years. That appears as no astonishment provided the different options they give to support people with their purchasing requirements and execute more manageable payments.

Apps Like Klarna: The 10 Best Alternatives


Klarna has become one of Europe’s most general banks and cooperates across 17 countries, 200,000 retailers, and 85 million clients. The company’s image is now viral not only in Europe but also in the US. Customers enjoy manageable payment opportunities and even a prospect to try before choosing to purchase a product.

Klarna affords retailers an avenue to offload credit opportunities and benefit from several delivered carts and higher-order conditions. So it’s a win-win situation for both dealers and consumers.

Specialists worry that this model may put young customers at risk of debt packs, but obviously, the advantages of what Klarna and all the sites bring overcome the refutations. As demanded, the growing popularity of this model has brought about several controversies. So here, we are going to discuss some alternative sites and apps related to Klarna.

Klarna Alternatives

We will present many “buy now, pay later” apps like Klarna, separately with its pros, cons, and features in this article. The most successful amongst them are:

  1. Afterpay
  2. Sezzle
  3. PayPal Credit
  4.  Affirm App
  5.  Quadpay
  6.  Splitit
  7.  Viabill
  8.  Zebit
  10. Laybuy


Apps Like Klarna: The 10 Best Alternatives

Afterpay is famously known as one of the leading “buy now, pay later” apps, organized in 2015 with headquarters in Melbourne, Australia, with a vast 8.3 million global clients and 6,500 retailers; the company is performing well in the marketplace, analyzing many opponents. Firms have suggested that companies like Afterpay generate extreme risk for customers by giving their co-operations to all customers, despite their economic capabilities or conditions.

Possessing a good-looking website with an easy-to-use, intuitive interface helps to bring in new shoppers. You can get all the functions of a local site and the availability of a mobile platform with a separate mobile application. While matching Klarna vs. Afterpay, the former looks like a more attractive choice.

  • The fast and easy permission process
  • Seamless combination with the local stores
  • Various payment methods with interest-free terms
  • Actual fees for late-payments
  • A strict cash plan record
  • Minimal credit checks driving towards incentive spending


Sezzle is an organization pretending to be a public-benefit enterprise to economically empower the fresher generations, founded in 2016 and headquartered in Minneapolis, USA. They are attending to more than 2.4 million customers and over 29,000 merchants.

Sezzle is one of the highest-rated point-of-sale companies in the store. It’s a model Klarna alternative. Marketing itself as a reliable solution to buy now, pay later, Sezzle allows shoppers to increase out refunds for their shopping into four installments across six weeks. More in it, they can reschedule installments for free for an eligible time. In the state of late returns, the company commands a $10 fee for each missed installment.

  • No tough credit check
  • Transparent and straightforward payment plans
  • No affair in purchases
  • Lower installment limits for first-time shoppers
  • Have to communicate with retailers to qualify for a discount
  • Fees for installments that were missed or rescheduled

PayPal Credit

PayPal Credit enables people to shop online without using a credit card, earlier understood as Bill Me Later and obtained in 2008 by PayPal. You can shop anyplace where PayPal is allowed and take six months of funding on any investment over $99. As there are no limitations on whatever you can use the money for, you have the absolute right. All it necessitates to avoid the delayed payment fees is to refund the adopted sum within six months. The application method is swift and easy for companies and consumers, but you must have an existing PayPal account.

  • Fast and straightforward to set up
  • Beginning four months of the credit are interest-free
  • Very active checkouts and computerized payments
  • Complete credit check needed before being ready to buy something, affecting credit score
  • 9% APR later four months
  • Limited functionality, can’t work in markets that don’t allow PayPal.

Affirm App

Affirm has grown one of the most outstanding players, Headquartered in San Francisco, USA, established in 2012 in the point-of-sale trusts sector, helping more than 6 million consumers since its beginning and allowing funding to 6,500 retailers. One of the greatest opponents to apps like Klarna, the company presents short-term loans at checkout, allowing its customers many opportunities for using significant investments into flexible installments over time.

Unlike most excellent point-of-sale companies, Affirm’s systems facilitate the loans to modify by the merchant, indicating payment options. The yearly percentage rate may vary depending on where you prefer to shop. Most payment plans drop into the classification of 3, 6, and 12-month plans. Credit rates also change, varying from 0% and running up to 30%. After the interest fixes don’t complicate the process it does with credit cards when it develops to Klarna vs. Affirms; these two view toe to toe.

  • Extensive type of investment and payment installment choices
  • Lack of fees for transactions
  • Donates pre-qualification
  • Restricted choice of retailers
  • High-interest rate
  • Doesn’t relate on-time installments to the credit agencies


Quadpay enables its clients to break their investments into 4 part interest-free installments over six weeks, with headquarters in New York, USA, and organized in 2017. While paying with the Quadpay app, you have to go through an endorsement method before performing a shopping. Each permission needs a 25% opening payment, and the other expenses pay over six weeks. Customers can rely on transparent pricing to purchase the program with no APR and no private fees.

  • Easy permission method without a credit check
  • Automated costs for payment portions
  • Minimal charges for staggered repayment plans
  • No restrictions to paying more than you can pay
  • Support method before every installment
  • Will broadcast late installments to the credit agency


Splitit requires distinguishing itself from other apps like Klarna by giving a current, new shot on installment repayment choices, founded in 2012 and headquartered in New York, USA. The option they award is a service with no overdue fees, no discount rates, no redundant application methods, and, first and leading – the best possible user knowledge. The number of payments is entirely configurable, with up to 24 separate charges being achievable for some of the more valuable objects. Splitit is one of the best apps like Klarna without difficulty.

  • Doesn’t require credit for repayments made on time
  • No charges also for late fees
  • No application method, no credit control
  • Restricted payment choices obtainable
  • Partners with a short amount of local traders
  • Just allows Visa and Mastercard, with some retailers not receiving debit cards.


ViaBill advances consumers easy monthly installments with 0% discount, with headquarters in Copenhagen, Denmark, and endowed way back in 2009. The company’s primary focus is growing business connections with small companies by combining their platform into the website’s checkout progress, animating higher resolutions, improved resources, and an overall more enjoyable shopping experience.

Expect a short application method to get appreciated for shopping; you can later pay for your investments over time in four separate interest-free installments. The first one is giving at the checkout. The ViaBill dashboard may serve you to record and control your assets and all investments, tracing payments every action of the process. A great European contender in this listing of apps similar to Klarna.

  • Low fees and simple to perform with businesses
  • While making investments, no prepayment fees
  • Contracts are comfortable to handle
  • Short description and merchant guide
  • Potential issues with a guide for global customers
  • Confused refund system and method


Zebit’s purpose is to advance online shopping, including to everyone, despite its economic history, Headquartered in California, USA, and founded in 2015, signed by marketing brands clients love and giving the sense to pay over time without any burrowed fees or punishments. The company utilizes transparent and straightforward language everywhere, using all the required steps to gain the trust of its buyers. Zebit also gives an interest-free loan of up to $2,500. Any investments may split into installments over six months with no extra fees or credit.

  • No hidden fees
  • The application doesn’t affect your credit record
  • Adjustable and flexible payment plan
  • Rates are higher than the opposition
  • Long transportation times and income claims
  • No replacement or return policy offers a program for manufacturers to sell their merchandise and assistance with the system, flexible payment plans, founded in 2015 with headquarters in Tampa, Florida, USA. With easy signup and no monthly charges, can join you with various popular e-commerce platforms interested in supporting businesses to streamline invoicing and increase money flow. The platform is continually growing, helping buyers spread abundant payments over affordable and limited financially striving installments and possible for businesses in 25 countries and supporting more than 135 global money. Automatic prices, custom payment plans, and comfortable merchant gateways all make a successful choice in this list of apps like Klarna.

  • Adaptable payment systems with many elastic factors
  • Switch over fees and credit
  • Excellent consumer assistance
  • Restrictions for worldwide buyers
  • Shortage of economic security and support infrastructure
  • 5% fee for all purchases


Laybuy is also a distinctive company on our list of apps like Klarna that has proved to be a trustworthy option for people to split their payments into many installments; headquartered in Auckland, New Zealand, and organized in 2017. Retailers are in-store and online, with most of the company’s associates being from fashion production. While developing a purchase, the total amount will be split into six parts over five weeks, with the first 1/6 of the amount being offered at checkout. You have to keep in mind that Laybuy concentrates almost solely on New Zealand and only allows cards declared by New Zealand banks.

  • Interest-free 6-week repayment installments
  • No signup or verification fees
  • Simple to use and automatic, online and in-store available retailers
  • Restricted to a limited number of countries
  • Credit card checks when the application may influence a credit score.
  • Additional lack fees in case of failure to give the missed installment

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the catch with Klarna?

Suppose you earn your monthly amounts on time and insufficient with one of Klarna’s interest-free payment programs; there is no catch. However, related to handling a credit card, it’s simple to overburden.

What apps are similar to Klarna?

The following apps are the best apps similar to Klarna.

  1. After pay
  2. Sizzle
  3. PayPal Credit
  4.  Affirm App
  5.  Quad pay
  6.  Split it
  7.  Viable
  8.  Debit
  10. Layby

Does Klarna organize credit?

You have to pay interest on the credit card, but it can be lower than the discount price with Klarna. However, if you don’t already have a good credit history, you can’t get the full discount with Klarna. Klarna doesn’t record payment action to the credit agencies.