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Series Name…Mieruko-chan

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  • Rating: 7.4/10
  • Genre: Animation, Comedy, Mystery, Horror, Fantasy
  • Directed by: Amber Lee Connors and Yuki Ogawa
  • Produced by: Hideyuki Hitomi, Jotaro Ishigami, Noritomo Isogai, and others
  • Cast: Sora Amamiya, Kaede Hondo, Ayane Sakura, and others.



The story of It’s about a girl is about a high school student (Jane) who suddenly starts to see monsters around her and this happens just as she starts to deal with her ex-boyfriend James, who still likes her. She starts dating David instead, even though strange things continue happening.

Instead of facing the problems that arise from ghosts, she moves away. What is really funny about this and a great experience for the audience to watch is how a simple young girl becomes indifferent about her life being haunted.



In a world filled with horrific noises and scary lights, a young girl named Miko often wonders if monsters exist or not. These thoughts feel very unsettling to her and she has no idea how to properly protect herself from what she may or may not be experiencing.

Once she was satisfied with the idea that she could indeed see dead people lying around her in their grave, she decided to live a regular normal life. But it became difficult for her when people from beyond started troubling her best friend Hana.

Miko eventually helped a hunted kitten find a new home. The man who was in charge of the kitten’s most recent owner showed up with his wife, but he was actually being chased by mysterious men. Miko also had to repulse someone who was trying to hurt her with dark ghost energy before she arrived at the cafe to meet Hana and deliver her tea order.

When freshman Miko stepped into Joyful Dove Cafe she saw a young couple surrounded by two opposite-*** jealous spirits feeding on the negative energy created when they one believes that the other is being unfaithful. Miko bought some prayer beads at a nearby shop but they immediately broke when she had come across a more powerful spirit around her and realized that she’s too inexperienced in hunting to take this abomination down on her own.

While watching the whole situation, Hana took Miko to go see a well-known psychic named Godmother. Godmother gave her ineffective beads which were supposed to ward off bad spirits, but then Miko was surprised to see that they had no effect on the ghosts.

While watching the whole situation unfold, Miko took Hana to go see a psychic who was said to be well-known. Miko had some ineffective beads that were supposed to ward away evil spirits but she was dismayed when it proved ineffective against the ghostly infestation.

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Special sides of the story


Even though it’s an anime story, this would take you to some unconventional realm where at one point, Miko (the main character) is forced to accept that there isn’t much she can do at her current juncture concerning the traumatic circumstance that she finds herself in. On top of that, instead of facing or running away from the scary situation like you would see in many other stories and movies, Miko has a very specific way that she chooses to deal with things – the way being by simply ignoring them and avoiding them – but once again this only makes matters worse for both Miko herself as well as other people around her who may get hurt.

This is an unusual way to handle situations, but sometimes you are forced to do something different in order to cope with compulsive circumstances. While watching her actions and attitude towards her situation – being a fan of Miko – you could have thought that she should’ve done this or that. However, unless and until you walk in her shoes while watching the entire series, you wouldn’t be able to resonate with her fear, pain, helplessness and compulsiveness

The plot of this story is on the mark. Although it’s a fictional story, the theme that runs through it will inspire you to understand what real-life themes and inspiration has to say about an aspiring girl’s dream to do something new and exciting. On top of that, the situations involved in this narrative hint how to find hope and a way out of boredom so your takeaways are much more than just entertainment.


Our Verdict


This animated series is a tale that revolves around horror and suspense. You can’t get enough of it because its popularity is well established! If you like to be at the edge of your seat then this story is made for you! A man, who is an Iroha artist, loves drawing. He loves drawing so much that he ends up painting horrifying art more often than not. The manga community has crowned him ‘Mushitaro.’ This haunted artist has his own share of scary situations at some point or the other but altogether one spends good time watching this show because of the many hilarious incidents that take place between the characters as well.

So, watching this saga in your funimation offline viewing would take you on a rollercoaster ride of thrill, suspension, emotion, fun and full-on entertainment. So do not miss out on any opportunity to watch this phenomenal fantasy as many times as you want with the BBFly Funimation Video Downloader because it is truly worth staying with this saga for the longest period of time to turn your quality time into the most memorable one.


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